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At Twin City Security we provide our clients with quality and professional security services and access control, including residential. Working with us fosters peace of mind and ensures added safety for your home whether that be in an apartment complex, condominiums, hotels, neighborhoods and all other single or multi-story dwellings. We care about your well-being, and before we begin working with you, we want to offer our tips on ways you can make your home safer.

Making your living space more secure goes beyond locking your doors at night, shutting your windows and looking through the peephole before opening the door. Here are some ways to keep your possessions and yourself safer and minimize burglary threats:


The main entrance and exit to your home are extremely important. Your door should be of solid hardwood or steel. Steer away from a lightweight or hollow door. To prevent intruders from kicking your door down, you can purchase a locking system of four bolts to ensure that no intruders can easily break in.


According to certified safety professionals, the majority of home burglaries occur during the daytime when potential intruders assume most people are away at work or school. By setting a timer for your TV to play or even your radio, burglars can become mislead and are more likely to believe you are home.


Windows or glass doors that are older and were installed a long time ago, can often be flimsy and incredibly easy for an intruder to open. By installing a window sensor alarm, this can scare off intruders. Also, by putting a dowel in the track, it can make doors or windows difficult to open from the outside.


The outside of your home should be well lit to discourage any intruders from targeting your home. Motion-sensing lights are a great way to do this too. For the inside of your home, you can also purchase inexpensive light timers near your windows to deter burglars as well.


Be mindful of your possessions, especially with more valuable items. Consider getting creative with your hiding places and avoid the usual dresser drawers, bedside table, and medicine cabinets. Also, because burglars often grab the first “valuable” thing they see, consider leaving an old laptop by your front entrance should they ever break-in to deter them from more important items. It is also a good idea to invest in a safe, or a secure deposit box through your bank to ensure the keepsakes that are most important to you are never at risk of being stolen.



Contact us to learn more about Twin City Security and let us help you solve your security needs.

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