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A university should be a safe haven for both students and their parents, but there can be no denying that many campuses across the country have experienced violent attacks in recent years. Protecting students, faculty and residents of the area should be the top priority for any university, which is why campus security systems are more important now than ever before.

Here are our five reasons as to why it is crucial for a university to have campus security:


1. Relieves the concerns of parents and incoming students

Safety is, and has always been, a number one factor when choosing a college. Parents want to feel comfortable leaving their children in the university’s hands, and students want college to become a home away from home. Campus security is a major issue today, and it’s important for campuses to have the necessary security in place to proactively prevent any crimes from occurring, as well as giving everyone a sense of security. If the university has a solid security system in place that has proven to work for many years, a parent is more likely to trust the organization and be comfortable with their child going away to that specific university. This not only helps the university’s image, but also helps the parents and students feel secure.

2. Helps prevent violence of all kinds  

With security systems in place, a university can prevent all kinds of violence on campus. Violence and sexual harassment that some students unfortunately fall victim to predominantly take place late at night in locations that are not well-lit. Patrolling security guards provide peace of mind and are able to prevent such assaults, as well as being able to respond right away to any reports or to even stop the act as it is occurring. Not every university is perfect and there will most likely be a case of violence that breaks out on campus at some point, whether it be minor or serious, so it is crucial to have well- trained security that are prepared for the worst, if it occurs.

3. Manages student diversity

College campuses are growing more and more diverse throughout the country, which is why it is important that any tension or conflicts that may exist among the student body does not escalate into violence. Campus security guards can be present during any student protests that occur or any other campus events that may potentially lead to violence. Having security guards throughout campus creates for a safe environment and makes sure that students feel comfortable and safe to do as they please without any fear.

4. Makes sure first responders are ready

It is unlikely that there will be a fatal attack on campus, but in the unfortunate scenario in which someone is acting in an aggravated and violent way on campus, every second counts and can be the difference between life or death. Having campus security guards available to respond right away before law enforcement does is a huge benefit and can help the situation before it escalates further. Security guards also work with the authorities to resolve the situation as quickly and safely as possible. All security guards are trained to handle these exact situations and can be sure to respond in an appropriate and timely manner.

5. Addresses issues with students

Colleges are known for nightlife activities and on some nights things can get out of hand, especially on the weekends. It is always a good idea to have security guards downtown or patrolling the perimeter or campus to deal with many of these issues, such as when alcohol, drugs or violence are involved. Having security guards in the downtown area will limit any unnecessary issues that could arise due to intoxication, as well as prevent any dangerous activities from occurring. A university’s reputation is everything, and with the right security systems put in place the campus will not only look great to prospective students and parents, but also significantly reduce the likelihood of issues in the future.

At Twin City Security, LLC, we provide bonded unarmed and armed security services for private businesses and government agencies. Our purpose and mission is to give our clients quality and professional security service. We have vast experience providing security services and access control to nearly every type of industrial facility, including state and local governments and higher education institutions.

Our security officers receive training in report writing, first aid, legal authority, and patrolling. Security officers obtain firearms training if their post assignments requires it. Our management staff is always seeking new advancements in private security. We can meet your needs for a wide range of services including, residential, industrial/ construction, professional/ academic and medical/behavioral. If you are in the market for a Contract Security Company contact us at 334-749-8385. We look forward to getting to know you and your business.


Contact us to learn more about Twin City Security and let us help you solve your security needs.

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