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At Twin City Security, we have taken pride in providing multiple types of security services for private businesses and government-run businesses since 1975. One of the many services we provide is a technological service called closed-circuit television monitoring, also known as CCTV monitoring. This service is provided by having multiple closed-circuit televisions installed around a business to protect people and the property of our clients by providing comprehensive surveillance around and in the premises of their buildings. These monitors allow business owners, security guards and employees to observe multiple areas around the business at one time, giving a business maximum security protection. But the question - are CCTV monitors really necessary - is often asked by clients. Regardless of the type of business you own-whether it be retail, warehouse, medical facility, government-run, etc. CCTV is beneficial.


 Here at Twin City Security, we want to answer this particular question by providing clients with six reasons why it is important to invest in a CCTV monitor system:


1. Helps Prevent Crimes From Occurring

Firstly, whether a business has experienced a criminal act on their property or not, all businesses want to protect themselves from criminals. CCTV monitors help record and survey both internal and external areas, resulting in a robust security solution. If a business owner, security guard or employee is suspicious of a potential crime, the surveillance tapes can be used to observe and check for any suspicious activity. Secondly, the thought of a business having a CCTV monitor can make a criminal reconsider the crime they are going to commit. Regardless of who the criminal is, no one likes being watched. As CCTV monitors are usually very visible, if a criminal is aware of a security camera being present around the property, there is a higher chance of them turning around and removing themselves from the scene before committing the crime.


2. Provide a Safer Working Environment and Protect Staff

Not only does installing CCTV monitors throughout the internal and external areas of your business provide maximum security, but it also provides a more positive and safer working environment. These monitors give staff a sense of protection and a feeling that their safety and well-being is cared for by the company they work for. Providing the staff with a sense of safety when walking into their place of work every day, results in a happier and more positive work environment. CCTV can also provide staff training opportunities, by teaching your employees the importance of surveillance and how they can properly watch over the business.


3. Prevents Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Today’s world is growing into a more socially sensitive place. Unfortunately, businesses are dealing with more fraudulent insurance claims each day. Having CCTV monitors installed will protect your business from insurance claims that are not legitimate. Since CCTV monitors provide your business with 24/7 security surveillance, the tapes will prove any fraudulent insurance claims to be false. This gives your business confidence and protects it from unfortunate and unnecessary situations.


4. Gives Customers More Confidence In Your Business

Installing a reliable type of security system in your business gives your customers more confidence in choosing you for their business needs. For example, if you run a business, such as a bank, where customers rely on you to keep their personal belongings safe, they will want to feel confident in you. Having a CCTV monitor will give your customers more confidence and trust in choosing your business. It is beneficial to you as a company if the customer knows that surveillance cameras are placed around the business and that their belongings are under 24-hour security watch. Customers also prefer to shop in retail stores with surveillance cameras. Unfortunately, crime can occur at any time of the day. This makes customers prefer to shop in stores that provide constant protection and foster an enjoyable experience and environment.


5. Provides Protection of Inventory

Inventory is what can make or break a company. If inventory is damaged or stolen, the business will suffer. Monitoring CCTV footage around warehouses or other buildings that are used for storage means the risk of theft or damage can potentially be avoided. Businesses instill their trust in warehouses and expect that their inventory will be kept safe and secure.


6. Remote Monitoring

CCTV monitors provide business owners with 24/7 security protection. With the help of remote monitoring, a business owner can keep watch over their business when they are away from the property. Remote monitoring can be done through a home computer, iPhone, iPad and other electronic devices that can connect to the internet. This allows CCTV cameras to be controlled and viewed through any electronic device on or off the store’s property. This way, store owners can have 24-hour access to internal and external cameras located around their business while being at their home or on vacation. This also gives business owners a way to monitor their employees when they are out of the store. Remote monitoring gives peace of mind to an owner, in both the safety of the store and of the merchandise inside.


Contact us to learn more about Twin City Security and let us help you solve your security needs.

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