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With new advances in technology constantly arising, it is no wonder the home and private security market has grown into a more competitive market with many new technological offerings available to homeowners. From products designed to catch intruders, to products that are intended to alert others when an accident occurs, there are plenty of new and improved security systems in the market available today. Listed below are five technological innovations, ranging in price, that are available in the market today for both home security and as part of private security systems.


Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells are becoming more and more popular as a way to combat theft of items left at your door, as well as being aware of who is approaching your home or business. A smart doorbell means that when someone calls, they’re connected straight through to your smartphone or video device within the home. You can then get a live video feed and see who’s calling, and use two-way audio to speak to them. This can make dealing with deliveries a lot easier and enables you to keep tabs on who is visiting your home. The doorbell is set up by placing a camera, which is equipped with motion detector inside, in a place that gives a clear image of your front door. Typically, with smart doorbells, you can access the camera from your smartphone via an app. You will receive a notification if you have a visitor at your door, and if you are at work or elsewhere and receive a package or unexpected visitor, then you will know right away. Convenience is key, and the smart doorbell not only makes life easier, but keeps you aware and leaves you feeling safe in your home.

Remote Home Monitoring

In modern households, this security system is becoming increasingly popular. These specific types of security systems allow you to remotely view both the inside and outside of your home or business at any time. If you want to keep an eye on your pets, children, or home in general, this is the security system to get. If someone attempts to breaks into your home, you will be notified immediately of movement by an app for the system that is connected to your smartphone. You will then be able to log on to the app and view monitoring cameras that are placed strategically throughout the home. There is also a door camera as well as sensors placed throughout the inside and outside of the home, including on the windows. The window sensors can detect a break in through glass doors and windows.

Emergency Notification Necklace


Emergency Notification Necklaces are very important to people who either live alone, need assistance, elderly or disabled, or want an extra sense of security. If something happens, you can simply push a button, and there is a qualified agent ready to assist you. With this necklace, police, fire, and ambulance can be notified based on the event that is occuring. Whenever there is an issue the person will have immediate access to assistance. This allows an extra sense of security for someone who has difficulty getting around the house. The emergency notification necklace has saved many lives and is a must have for households with older individuals.

Remote LED Home Lighting

This is a great device to use if you are out of town, but want to make people think that you are home. This remote access system allows you to select and turn on LED lighting throughout your house for times when you are working late or away on vacation. This safety feature can allow you to give the impression that someone is inside the home. You can simply turn the lights on as if a person was at home. This device is also a great feature to use if you have an elderly or disabled family member who has trouble getting around to turn lights on and off. They can use the device from a seated position to achieve the desired level of lighting.

Access Code Home Lock

Keys are slowly becoming redundant as new technology is being created to take their place. Access code home locks store several different combinations that allow for individual settings, making your house more secure and giving you the ability to no longer worry about  losing your keys. You simply punch your code in, and you can enter. The access code home lock system also comes in handy for kids who don’t have a smartphone. You can set them up with their own personal entry code, and if the kids come home before you get off of work or you are still running errands, there is no need to worry. With the access code home lock system you get an alert every time your children use their entry code to unlock the door, and know they got home safe and sound.

At Twin City Security, we provide our clients with quality and professional security service. We have vast experience providing security services and access control to nearly every type of industrial facility, including state and local governments and higher education institutions. Our security officers receive training in report writing, first aid, legal authority, and patrolling. Security officers obtain firearms training if their post assignments requires it. Our management staff is always seeking new advancements in private security. Let us help your organization craft a security plan to meet your specific needs. We would love to get to know you and your organization and discover how we can work together. Contact us at 334-749-8385.



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