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Construction sites can often face vandalism, theft and accidents that inhibit the seamless flow of the site’s completion. It is important to put the necessary security measures in place to make sure your construction site is running smoothly and securely. Finding security solutions that are right for you can help reduce accidents, damage and crime.

Basic best practices

Every construction site is unique and poses its own risks on the job, but here are some basic best practices for every construction site:

  • Assign supervisor security responsibilities
  • Require mandatory training to help workers be aware of
  • Work cooperatively with local authorities to ensure the proper safety protocols are implemented
  • Have good relations with neighboring facilities so they can warn you of any suspicious activity
  • Report all incidents of vandalism and theft immediately
  • Maintain a updated record book of incidents

The first line of defense in any security situation is putting signs on the property that warn intruders. Warning intruders that there are extra security measures they will have to endure helps to deter intruders from the initial effort.

On-site security

Different construction sites will have different functions and therefore need different types of security. There are however a few basic components every company could use to protect their employees and property from harm. Some of these tactics include:

  • Put up a fence around the perimeter
  • Provide nighttime lighting on the premises
  • Install a portable CCTV monitor to capture any people or vehicles that enter the site
  • Only have one or two entrances to the sight to limit the amount of monitoring required
  • Post signs to warn any potential vandals that the area is monitored and they will be penalized
  • Make sure you have high-quality locks that secure the facility

Research has shown that between 5 percent and 20 percent of the total cost of construction disappears when a burglary of tools and equipment occurs. The majority of construction break-ins happen on single-family homes and commercial housing sites, and the high price point of construction materials makes these sites a hot target. These statistics could be drastically reduced with a small investment in security. Making sure your company is taking the proper precautions when it comes to construction site security will save you time, money, and avoid a lot of accidents.

Secure your equipment

Construction equipment and tools are at the highest risk for vandalism and theft. Because quality construction tools tend to have a high price point and they are easy to move and transport, people often think they are the easiest things to steal. Having a central and secure location to store tools, machines and other equipment can help loss prevention and vandalism. Here are some ways to secure your equipment:

  • Put equipment in a central area that is well lit
  • Remove equipment that is not necessary anymore rather than leaving it on-site
  • Keep an on-site inventory of the equipment
  • Store all equipment in a locked box that is fixed to a wall etc. or locations that are locked and cannot be easily carried off site and then broken into

Injury and insurance

Construction can be a dangerous business and comes with a lot of legal liability. Make sure that all of your employees are aware of safety precautions and steps necessary to make sure they can do their job safely and do their job well. Having proper security systems in place will help monitor everything that is occurring on the property in real-time. With video surveillance, you ensure safety protocol is being followed and you will have documentation and necessary proof if a liability issue arises.

Industrial security

Having peace-of-mind is a feeling every industry professional wants to have when it comes to your safety and security. Industrial security is, in a sense, a security umbrella that protects your business from a variety of threats. This is great for construction because it makes sure all of your bases are covered. Some examples of industrial security are:

  • Gas, welding and cutting tools protection
  • Heavy equipment safety
  • Industrial security training
  • Grounds maintenance and gasoline safety
  • Protective usage of handy instruments

Securing your construction site is vital to maintaining your business and the business of your contractors. Investing in high-quality security systems on all fronts of your business is an important part of securing your financial stability. It is a worthy investment up front that will pay off down the line when you’re not replacing thousands of dollars worth of vandalized or stolen equipment. Investing in security is investing in your business. At Twin City Security we will work diligently every day to make sure your construction site is insured, monitored, and protected.

At Twin City Security we strive to provide highly trained employees and security systems for your construction sites. Contact us at 334-749-8385 for all of your security needs and we will get you on the plan that is right for your business. We set high standards so you get the highest quality security service unique to you.



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