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For a variety of businesses, access control is crucial to maintaining a company’s safe ecosystem. Access control can be a great security technique that helps to regulate and minimize risk in a business or organizational environment. Utilizing this security measure can help protect your data, your people and your business.


There are two types of access control:

  • Physical: This variance of access control limits physical access to campuses, buildings, rooms, and physical IT assets.
  • Logical: This type of access controls works to limit connections to computer networks, system files and data.

In order to fully secure a facility, an access control system can be used to monitor restricted business locations and proprietary areas with key cards, credentials, and auditing. These systems can vary anything from a control panel, access personnel or an alarm. This type of access control works to restrict access to only the allotted personnel. Access control is great for industries like retail, education, government, and corporate businesses because it requires identification and credentials to be presented upon entrance. This should be an integral part of your business’ IT department


Access control in retail

There are a variety of factors that can compromise security in a retail setting including shoplifting, organized retail crime, and employee crimes. Access control in this sector can be extremely beneficial especially for loss prevention purposes. In retail environments, there are a variety of access touchpoints that could benefit from access control including the sales floor and the stock room. With access control, you are able to manage who has access to these touch points to prevent and loss to your business.


Access control in education

Taking protective measures to protect the students and faculty at any school or university is vital to maintaining a safe environment. Access control in schools is very important to help regulate who can come in and out and access different parts of the campus. It can be implemented in a variety of ways including:

  • Securing the perimeter of the school
  • Implementing a secure access point at the school’s entrance
  • Limiting the access points to the campus
  • Placing security guards near residence halls on college campuses
  • Requiring access cards or keys for restricted areas

Especially, at big universities, it is difficult to ensure that the entire campus is protected at all times but putting preventative measures in place will make a big difference.


Access control in government

With the multitude of different governmental institutions, there is a surplus of ways to leverage access control. In this sector, it works specially to protect data and technology within these organizations and can limit who has physical access to documents, rooms or buildings based on their security clearance. The government is shifting from access cards to more credential reliant access methods that require a check for validity. Utilizing regulatory personnel is a great way to add an extra layer to the advancing access control unit technology and for organizations that do not need as advanced of technology.


Access control in corporate business

With any business, large or small, it is important to install physical access control panels. These panels allow only those with the proper credentials to enter the facility. Having an access personnel checkpoint for big businesses can be a beneficial addition to an access control plan. If it is a smaller business having physical personnel may not be as necessary. Capitalizing on logistical access control can help protect any information, documents, or personal information your company is storing in your computer. No matter the size of your business, it is important to use logistical protection to help maintain the integrity of your business, especially if you have the private information of clients.


Access control in medical facilities

This is probably one of the most important sectors in need of access control. Hospitals and other medical facilities are filled with important personnel and documents. Ensuring your patient files and important documents are only accessed by the right people is vital to the operation. Having access control checkpoints such as key cards, passwords and other forms of access control can help keep the right people in and the wrong people out. Adding to that, having protective personnel like security guards is important when regulating who comes in and out of the medical facilities through entrance touch points. Regulating access to technology, information and physical building itself is vital in the medical sector.


Protecting your business with access control will help maintain a safe atmosphere to help your business continue to run smoothly. Minimizing any risk to your business through access control can provide peace of mind about your safety and security. Whether its a hospital, university, storefront or government organization make sure your business is taking the necessary step to be protected from any harm that could come its way. 



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