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When you are checked into a medical facility, security should not need to be your biggest concern. In response to an increasing number of security issues at hospitals, security policies have become much more common and more strict to keep patients and staff safe. When you are in the hospital as a patient you are in a very vulnerable position and putting a lot of trust in your medical center and caregivers. The last thing you should have to worry about is someone stealing your valuables or an unauthorized person coming into your room without your permission. These are just some of the reasons why security measures have become so important in medical facilities. When a hospital has top of the line security, you will feel safer as an employee and patient. At Twin City Security, we can provide any medical facility with security guards, CCTV monitoring, or access control into your hospital. Here are some of the uses of these security services and how they can keep your medical center safe from unpredictable threats.



Medical center staff are dedicated to your health and well being. They are also responsible for your safety, which is why hospital security has become so much more important today. According to the HIPPA Journal, there has been an increase in healthcare data breach over the past 9 years, with 2018 being the highest year yet. Hospitals have become less safe for patients and staff, but that does not mean they have to stay this way. With security measures put into place, you can have peace of mind that your medical facility is putting your safety first.


Security Guards

Security guards are the classic example of security, but they are effective. Having a pair of eyes dedicated to monitoring who is coming and going from your facility will make a huge difference in the amount of crime or suspicious behavior that is noticed. Security guards being an active presence in your hospital will discourage most people from actually acting in criminal activities.


CCTV Monitoring

Having a security camera system is a backup for activity that may slip through your physical security measures. CCTV monitoring gives you a system to constantly record what is happening inside and outside of your facility.

This will assist in actually catching and having proof of criminal activity if something were to happen on your property. This will protect your patients and staff from possible criminal activity that may go unnoticed.


Access Control

Access control means that security will be placed at entry points that you want extra security for or only certain personal to be able to enter. This can be for areas such as doors only medical professionals are allowed to enter or even for wings that have specific visitor hours. Access control just gives you that extra control over who is allowed to enter and exit your hospital rooms. This will keep patients, staff, and their valuables safe from unknown people. This also gives you more control over your patients care by dictating when they will be able to rest undisturbed. Access control is just another step in complete hospital safety for both staff and patients.

Visitors at hospitals are probably the most potential threat to patients and staff. Theft can be a major problem in hospitals where visitors are free to roam and could come into any room and steal valuables. For safety purposes try to bring few valuables and less cash with you to the hospital. Bring only essential items that you will need for your visit and ask a friend or relative to look after your things while you are being treated. Many hospitals have visitation hours and certain times that patients need to rest. These should be respected and enforced by security measures to make sure patients are kept healthy and safe. Every medical facility has a code of behavior it follows and do not tolerate verbal or physical abuse. With security in place, hospital staff and patients have the peace of mind that someone is there to enforce these rules and keep them safe.

According to the American Hospital Directory, there are over 2 million hospital patients a year entered into Alabama hospitals. With this many people being affected by hospitals, safety has become more important than ever in our medical facilities. Security in hospitals is as important to keeping patients safe as the actual care that they are receiving. Medical professionals should not be responsible for monitoring for criminals while they are attempting to treat patients. With these added security measures your medical facility’s staff and patients can receive the safest care and services with peace of mind. At Twin City Security we can offer your business a wide variety of services including security guards, CCTV monitoring, and access control to your facility. With these added security measures you can create a safe environment for your employees and guests. Contact us today at 334-749-8385 to learn more about how we can protect your business or property.


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