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When most people think of security, they think of security in their homes for their individual families. While this security is important, security in your community is just as important as it is in your own home. A community that makes you feel safe and secure is a happier place to live. In tight knit communities, like Auburn, we look out for our neighbors and try to keep each other safe. People can only do so much though, and sometimes professional help is needed to keep communities as safe as possible. Security should not just be an individual requirement, but a public necessity. If you don’t feel safe in your community, then your home isn’t far behind. By implementing minor changes in your community, you could make your town a safer place. Security for things like public events, busy streets, and your own neighborhoods, can make your home and your community a better place to live.


Community Events

Events within the community can bring about large crowds, which can create more opportunities for crime. For events like local concerts or sporting events, having an extra pair of eyes to keep the community safe is an easy safety precaution. Adding security guards to public events can help control and deter the amount of criminal activity happening. Bringing security to community events creates peace of mind for the entire public. When there are local community events, you don’t want to be worrying about your family’s safety. Hiring security guards for special events can create a sense of safety for you and your family, as well as the community.


Busy Streets

In communities, a busy downtown can become common places for crime to occur. This can prevent families from wanting to enjoy your town's amenities. By adding security cameras to busy streets or store fronts with a lot of foot traffic, you can make a big difference in your areas safety and prevent potential crime. With security measures like closed-circuit television monitoring, or CCTV monitors, your street could have full coverage surveillance. CCTV monitors can have a huge effect on discouraging crime and helping to catch people when crime does occur. According to Watchmen Security, the Baltimore police reported that their integrated network of security cameras reduced crime in their city by 17%, while Philadelphia had a 37% drop in criminal activities after installing their security cameras.When it comes to your home and community, improving safety can have a huge effect on your quality of life. With simple changes, like adding CCTV monitors, your community can have peace of mind that someone always is always watching out for them.


Your Neighborhood

Keeping your community safe can be done without technology or man power. It can become your own responsibility within your neighborhood by creating community watches and working together to keep the streets safe. A neighborhood watch is an organized group of citizens devoted to preventing crime within your community. Members of your community can agree together to keep an eye on each others properties and to report suspicious behavior to the police. According to a study done by The Crime Prevention Center, nearly all findings concluded that all regions associated with a neighborhood watch had lower levels of crime in the area. Creating a system where everyone looks out for one another will not only keep your community safe, it will also create a trust between yourself and your neighbors. This trust within your community will help prevent crime, while making your citizens feel more comfortable in your community.


Feeling safe in your community can largely affect you and your family’s happiness. Security in your community is a key aspect of how safe you feel in public, and even your own home. When communities come together to prevent crime, it creates a trust and sense of safety between neighbors. Public events can be more secure by adding security guards or other precautions. Busy areas can be surveyed to prevent crime and to be able to catch individuals when crime does occur. Even without technology, you can protect your area with a neighborhood watch that is dedicated to watching out for one another. By making a few of these changes in your community you can have peace of mind.


At Twin City Security, we are dedicated to keeping you safe in your home and community. We provide you with dependable service to give you and your family safety and security. We hope these tips help you to make your community a safer place. To learn more about community security contact us today.


Contact us to learn more about Twin City Security and let us help you solve your security needs.

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