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Running a medical facility and being in charge of the healthcare and medical choices of patients is stressful. Here at Twin City Security, we want to take away the added stress of being concerned about the safety of your medical facility by providing the proper form of security services. Regardless of the type of medical facility - hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, outpatient/inpatient clinics, behavioral health or any other type - a proper security service is available to you.

Medical facilities are full of personal and classified documents, important medications, expensive medical equipment, employees, visitors and sick patients who are in need of being kept safe. By investing in a proper security system, your patients, employees, visitors and medical belongings - documents, equipment, medication, etc. - are going to be provided with the best protection possible. Listed below are ways your medical facility can update its security systems for higher protection and confidentiality:


24-Hour Surveillance


Any type of medical facility is constantly bringing in new patients and releasing patients who are ready to go home. These facilities are in constant rotation of new patients and visitors coming in and out of their building. A facility with such high human traffic needs security and protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether it is investing in security guards, surveillance cameras, access controls, reception services or any other security service , this can give a medical facility peace of mind that they are providing the best security service possible. Through an evaluation of a facility’s risk profile with security surveys, Twin City Security can develop the right security service that covers the needs within a particular facility.


CCTV Monitors


Surveillance Cameras, also known as CCTV Monitors, are great for viewing areas within any type of facility that are unoccupied. This allows constant observation and protection for areas that may not have as much human traffic. In regards to a medical facility, CCTV Monitors are also helpful for medical emergencies. For example, if a patient is walking in an empty hallway and suddenly has a medical emergency, the security guard who is viewing the camera would see and send help immediately.


Access Keypads


Installing access keypads throughout a medical facility is beneficial. Access keypads are installed on doors, making certain areas only accessible to people who have an access card/code. These are important within a medical facility because certain areas need to be restricted from visitors, like the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Areas such as the ICU need to be kept clean and safe for patients who are under critical care and strict supervision. Access controls -which involve a security guard standing at the entrance and exit of an area, controlling who comes are goes - are also useful for in-house medical facilities.  These access controls can keep patients from being able to leave the facility they are attending and will keep them safe.


Secure Medical Records


Since our world is more technology based, medical files are now stored online. Technology makes it easier for doctors and nurses to organize documents and medical records, but technology also makes it easier for criminals to hack into these accounts. It is important to backup these files and have a high security system programed, making these files more difficult to access. Although this may make access more difficult for doctors and nurses, it is more beneficial when it comes to the protection of the patients. Medical records are confidential and patients want to be able to trust in their medical facility to keep their personal records safe. Installing the right security software and providing the right service will help medical facilities ensure their patients that their records will be kept safe.


Visitor Verification


Medical facilities also have to have strict security for visitors. It is crucial that the facility knows that the visitor is exactly who they claim to be. The facility should verify this by requiring identification, allowing visitors only during visiting hours and if the visitor has a gift, to make sure it is allowed in the facility itself. Patients should be required to wear an ID band throughout their hospital stay. This allows the staff to keep track of the patient and it allows them to make sure that they are treating the correct patient. These safety and security practices keep the patients and employees of the hospital as safe as possible. Whether this type of security is performed by a security guard or one of our trained receptionists, this will provide better protection for staff, patients, equipment, medication and information.

Security for medical facilities is almost a requirement if you want your facility to function properly, be safe and function in an efficient manner. Choosing who you want to partner with for your facility’s security needs is also an important decision. Here at Twin City Security we want to help protect your medical facility in the most professional and efficient way possible.


Contact us to learn more about Twin City Security and let us help you solve your security needs.

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