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When thinking about keeping your home safe, it is important to think about the items that are most commonly stolen. Whether you are at home or not, burglars will come to steal your valuables. To stay one step ahead of burglars, it is important to know what they are looking for and where they are looking for them. This can save you from losing your most valuable things in your home. According to, the FBI reports that each home burglary victim suffers an average of $2,188 in property loss. Here are the top five most common items stolen during robberies and how to keep them secure.    

1. Cash 

There is nothing like cold-hard cash. This is especially true for burglars because cash can not  be traced and is easy to use. Meaning, that a homeowner might not know how much cash they have in their home and will not notice how much has gone missing. Because of this, it is imperative that you keep track of how much cash you have around your house so you can be alert and know if it goes missing. 

There are many ways to keep your cash secure in your home. One way to keep your cash safe is by making sure that you're not putting your money in obvious places like your sock drawer, freezer or other cliché options. Another option is keeping your money in your bank, where it is secure. 

2. Jewelry  

If a burglar has found your cash they will quickly move on to their next target and you can believe that the next thing they are going for is your jewelry. Jewelry is an easy thing for burglars to steal because, like cash, it is untraceable. Burglars can easily take your jewelry to pawn shops to turn your valuables into cash for themselves. This is why it is so important to keep your jewelry safe. 

One way to ensure that your jewelry is safe is by putting it in less obvious places. A nice jewelry box, while it may be nice for organizing is an obvious item for a burglar to take. Another way to keep your jewelry safe is by buying a safe at home or even at your bank. These options add a level of security to your valuables.   

3. Prescriptions 

While this one may surprise many homeowners, one of the most commonly stolen items are prescription drugs. According to, a recent report produced by Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center revealed that nearly 70 percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug, more than 50 percent take two and 20 percent take five or more. Which means that burglars know that if they are in your home they are more likely to find some kind of prescription in your medicine cabinet. Another reason why burglars like to steal prescriptions is because they are small, easy to carry, so making it easy to grab it and leave quickly. Also, prescriptions can be sold to other people making an easy profit for burglars. 

The best way to keep your prescriptions secure is by making sure that you only hold on to the medications you need. Expired medicine can pile up and can attract burglars to take more. Also try to not to keep your medicine in obvious places such as medicine cabinets. Another tip is to keep the prescription medication that you need with you at all times. While this may seem extreme, keeping prescription medication on you means that it won't be at home and vulnerable to being stolen.   

4. Computers and Small Electronics  

These items are most likely what you think someone would steal from your home. Computers and small electronics are stolen often because they can be sold quickly and the demand for them is always high. While they may be harder for a burglar to carry, they almost guarantee a payday for the burglar. Game systems, tablets, TV's are all searched for when a burglar comes into your home looking to steal.

Keeping your electronics safe from burglars can seem like it is an impossible task. Your desktops have a place and are plugged in, your TV is mounted on the wall, but regardless of this, you should still take precautions to secure your electronics. For smaller devices you can put them in a safe. Make it a habit when you’re done using it, to put it in the safe rather than leave it sitting on the counter. Most electronics come with a serial number, which allow for companies to know what exact product was stolen and help recover your missing items. Be sure to write down the serial numbers so you can recover your stolen items. 

5. Liquor 

Liquor is another item that may seem strange to have to secure but many burglars like to steal alcohol. Liquor can get expensive so when a burglar sees it, you can bet they will probably grab it on the way out. Of course most burglars are not breaking into your house just for the expensive alcohol you have been saving, but while they are taking other things they will most likely take it. 

In order to secure expensive liquor be sure to keep it out of site. Storing it in cabinets that are secure can help make sure that your valuables stay safe. If you are worried that a burglar will go through your cabinets and find it, putting it in a safe will help make your liquor more secure. 

At Twin City Security we are committed to making sure that your home is protected and secure from the outside world. Our highly trained security specialists are dedicated to making sure you and your family feel safe even when you are not at home. To learn more about how we can help protect your home from break-ins contact us today through our website form or at (334) 749-8385. 


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