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In these times, online shopping has seen a recent boom which could mean the packages on your doorstep are piling high. This tower of items on your porch can be quite tempting to package pirates. According to C+R Research, one-third of those surveyed in 2019 had been a victim of package theft. Out of those people, 44% have had a package stolen twice. We are here to tell you the best tips and home security measures you can take to guarantee staying out of those statistics.

  1. Track Your Package

This tip seems the most obvious, but it is the number one way to outsmart a package thief! In your tracking link, you contain information that no one else knows which is exactly when your package will hit your doorstep. The longer your boxes sit outside, the more obvious and enticing they seem to a thief. When turning on tracking notifications for your delivery, most websites will send you a text message the exact time your package is delivered. Now you can open the door and bring your package into safety. If you are not home, contact someone who is at the house or a trusted neighbor to hold onto your items until you are back.

  1. Invest in a Camera System

Nothing deters a burglar away like a camera pointing right at your front step! A criminal’s least favorite thing is to get caught, so you should have comfort in knowing they will avoid your door. On the off chance they do make it away with your items, you now possess the tools for justice to be served! It is important to have multiple cameras installed to cover various angles with entryways and the driveway leading up to your home being a good place to start. This will capture all the evidence you need to get your package back in your hands!

  1. Set up a Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells have become more commonplace due to their convenience and ease of set up in both homes and apartments. If you want some added benefit with tracking your package, most smart doorbells come with motion detection technology to alert you not only if someone tried to take your package, but also right when your delivery comes to the door! Some options allow you to speak through your phone’s microphone on the app to a speaker on your doorbell system. This can come in handy if you are wanting to thank your delivery person, or catch the thief red handed!

  1. Look into Personal Delivery Settings

Most major delivery services will offer certain customizations to the delivery of your items which can be used to your advantage. One method to ensure your package is only left for you when you are at home is to require a signature upon delivery. If your package is being delivered through UPS, you are welcome to choose between a signature required or an adult signature required option. By adding this step, it will guarantee you are present during delivery while eliminating any time for a criminal to strike. Fed-Ex provides their service FedEx Delivery Manager where customers can redirect packages to a new location if they are out for the day or select vacation holds to delay deliveries.

During this period where you may find yourself at home more than usual, Twin City Security wants to make sure you feel safe there. Our goal is to provide you and your family with top notch service and advice to ensure your packages and other belongings stay in your hands! To learn more about how you can keep your home’s security up to date, contact us through our website form or call (334) 749-8385.


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