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Protecting your home with security is the first step to keep you and your valuables safe. Avoid making home security mistakes that will make your home more vulnerable to break-ins or burglary.

Here are 5 of the most common home security mistakes that you may be making but can learn from before you become the victim of a burglary.

1. Leaving Home Without Arming Your Security System

A security system itself will not protect your home from break-ins. Whether you’re away for just the night or a longer vacation, it is important to arm your security system before you leave.

Arm your security system during the day as well. According to Yardian, most burglaries occur during the daytime and 30% of burglars enter the home through an unlocked door or window.

Keep your doors and windows locked at all times, even when you’re at home. You can prevent the possibility of your home being broken into.

2. Leaving Valuables Out in the Open

When you leave your valuables and expensive items in plain view for burglars to see through front doors and windows, they are more tempted to break in and see what else they may find.

These valuables can include:

  • Laptops and tablets

  • Jewelry

  • Cars

  • TVs

  • Stereo Equipment

You may want to think twice about the placement of your items before you leave the house next. Keep your garage doors closed, close your shutters and fold your boxes from expensive purchases inside out to keep your belongings private.

3. Hiding Spare Keys

Don’t make it easy for a criminal! Many homeowners choose to hide a spare key in their yard, but too often do they make the mistake of placing it somewhere obvious. Don’t hide it under your welcome mat or in the potted plant next to your door.

If you plan on hiding it in your yard, hide it further away from the door and somewhere well disguised. Many companies sell fake rocks for hiding keys, but make sure you disguise it with other rocks.

Burglars are going to search in all of the go-to hiding places for a key. Next time you leave the house, be sure to lock up and keep your key so well hidden that it can’t be found by someone looking to rob your home.

4. Neglecting Your Security System

Your security system will not last forever. It is important to do routine checks to make sure your system is up and running as it should be. 

Be sure to have your system checked by a professional once a year. Not only is a broken security system a risk to your safety, but it is also a waste of money.

These routine checks will keep you and your family safe and leave you feeling safer in your own home.

5. Making Your Vacation Obvious

We like to leave our homes locked up while we leave for vacation, but there are a few more steps necessary to keep your home safe while you’re away. First of all, don’t advertise your vacations online. Wait until you’re back home to share your vacation highlights.

Second, before you go away you should invest in light timers. These will make sure lights turn on in your house each night and make it look like someone is home. Third, make sure to stop your mail. If your mailbox is overflowing, a burglar will easily be able to tell you haven’t been home.

Lastly, invest in a lock for your garage. Garages have your valuable cars and equipment that would be a nightmare to replace. Be proactive and lock those up so you know they’re safe. Keep your homes safe and hide the fact that you are on vacation. 

These 5 common home security mistakes are the difference between preventing a break-in and being the victim of one.

At Twin City Security, we care not only about the safety of your home but the safety of your family as well. We aim to provide superior service by having highly trained security specialists for every industry, by adapting to all security concerns that may arise. To learn more about how we can help protect your home contact us today through our website form or at (334) 749-8385.


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