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Public events take place year round and are always a popular and fun activity for families and friends to attend. There are endless types of events for endless types of reasons and seasons. Whether it is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival or a county fair, all types of public events have one thing in common: they need security. 

However, the type and amount of security usually depends on the public event. Smaller, local events like a food festival or a farmers market might be patrolled by the city police, but larger, upscale events like concerts need a team of hired security guards to help make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Although security guards are usually associated with violence prevention at public events, security guards are needed for a wide range of reasons. No matter what their purpose at the event is, they all have the same goal: public safety. Besides providing the participants with a sense of security and comfort, there are several other reasons why having security guards at public events is important. 

  1. Crowd Control 

  • Popular events like concerts, music festivals and famous holiday parades can attract thousands and thousands of people to the same, small spot. In these incidences, it is important for the safety of all parties involved that security guards are present to help with the traffic flow.

  • With that many people in the same area, it is not uncommon for someone to cause a commotion or start a fight in the middle of the excitement. When there are alcoholic beverages being served at the public event, the likelihood of an altercation is greatly increased. 

  • Having security guards scattered about the event venue and stationed in the highly trafficked areas is an effective way of deterring or quickly solving any confrontations. When security guards are present, large or unruly crowds of people are less likely to turn into stampedes. 

  1. Restricting Access to VIP Areas 

  • Must public events usually have some sort of private, VIP area for that lucky, small group of participants. The special perks that come along with these areas such as backstage access at concerts or tents filled with food and beverages, make them targets for intruders. 

  • By placing security guards at each of the entrance and exit points, the risk of non-VIPs slipping into the restricted area is almost completely eliminated. 

  • Preventing unauthorized event participants from entering the exclusive areas becomes even more important when celebrities or government officials are involved. These high-profile people are less likely to attend events if their security and privacy are not guaranteed. 

  1. Keeping Unwanted Media Way 

  • Some public events, like Coachella, have hundreds of celebrities, athletes and other high-profile people performing or in attendance. Although having these big-name people at the event is great publicity for the host, attracting too much media attention can be a problem. 

  • If media members have been asked to cover the event, they will be given certain credentials that will grant them access into the event’s premise and special media areas.

  • However, those who are not invited to the event may try to sneak their way into it. Having security guards posted at all of the entrances and exits will help minimize the number of unwanted media reporters and paparazzi at the event. 

  1. Emergency Response 

  • Despite how well an event has been planned, there is always a chance that something could go wrong. Whether it is a natural disaster like a tornado or a grease fire at a snack stand, it is imperative to expect the unexpected. 

  • Most security companies, us included, have set policies and procedures for dealing with different types of events. Generally, these plans include how to handle multiple emergency situations. 

  • Security guards have been trained to quickly and efficiently get people to safety or escort them out of the venue. In the case of violence, the security guards are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to neutralize the threat.  

Although security guards are an essential part of making sure that public events run smoothly and efficiently, other measures should also be taken to assure the safety of those attending the events. Video surveillance systems, metal detectors, K-9 units to detect drugs or explosives and several first-aid tents are other measures to keep in mind when it comes to public safety.

If you’re thinking about planning an event or want to increase the safety and security of your upcoming event, we would be glad to answer any questions. At Twin City Security, we offer a variety of security services to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more!


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