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Workplace security is important to keep your employees, as well as confidential documents, safe. Twin City Security emphasizes the need for security in the workplace to increase safety and be proactive. This post will go over what type of security is most beneficial in the workplace and why.

Security is just as important on the inside as it is on the outside. Offices are home to valuable information, technology and assets. While insurance can “protect” your items, they aren’t truly protected without some sort of security.

The first level of security you should have in your workplace is for employees. Give your employees access to the building and office space with key-card access so strangers cannot just walk into the workplace. It is safe to go as far as giving only employees access to the parking lots as well. 

Other simple methods of workplace security can include secured file cabinets for private documents, safes for valuables and installing firewalls on the computers. However, it is also necessary to inform and educate your employees on the security measures you have in the workplace.

CCTV Monitors are crucial to have in your office space as well. They are an added piece of protection that capture what happens inside and outside of your workplace both during work hours and after them. They give a sense of extra protection that will make you and your employees feel safer.

The most important part of workplace security is ensuring that your employees feel safe and are protected. As an employer, you should ask employees their feelings about the workplace security to see what you could be doing better.

Security guards are a helpful option that will increase security in the workplace. Having them at the entrance of the building will stop strangers from entering the building and create alert if something is going on that could be of danger. Trained guards know what to do when there is a dangerous threat in a workplace.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your workplace secure at all times:

  • Double check that all windows and doors are locked at night. You should have an alarm system that monitors these as well, and you should turn it on every night.

  • Keep a list of who has access to what in the workplace and frequently update it. Investing in access control will let you see who has come and gone at what times.

  • Protect your data with computer programs to keep your important documentation secure.

What type of information should be protected? It depends on your company and business, but any information related to clients, employee medical records and personal information should be confidential. Not only is it important to keep these files secure, but you should have a company policy in place as well. 

Workplace security comes from within which means that having confidentiality policies will ensure that all employees, from management to lower-level employees will be following the same rules. Dorm Room Biz recommends keeping your company updated with laws and regulations to make informed decisions on training, security upgrades and software protection. 

In addition to keeping regulations up-to-date and enforced, your employees should know about exit strategies. Frequent training and drills can be useful so employees know what to do in the case of an emergency. Remind your employees to stay alert in the workplace in case of emergency.

It is important to have workplace security and explain why to your employees. Intruders and thieves can be a big threat to businesses. Whether an employee accidentally clicks a bad link on a company computer or forgets to lock a door at the end of the day, they can be putting the company at risk. Get the back up necessary to protect your workplace.

At Twin City Security we are committed to making sure that your workplace is protected and secure from the outside world. Our highly trained security specialists are dedicated to making sure you and your employees feel safe even when you are not in the office. To learn more about how we can help protect your workplace from security breaches contact us today through our website form or at (334) 749-8385. 


Contact us to learn more about Twin City Security and let us help you solve your security needs.

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