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Recognizing that you are in need of one or more security guards for your business or event may be simple. The next step of determining the correct number of security guards can become slightly more complicated.

Here at Twin City Security we provide private security guards for those in businesses such as residential, industrial, medical and more. We offer a variety of services to keep you, your employees and guests safe. Here are our key considerations for deciding your ideal number of security guards:

Business type

The type of business you are considering to protect with security guards is a large factor in the number of bodies needed.

Large business complexes compared to a single building company differ greatly in the amount of security guards that should roam the property, since those with larger ground to cover will need more bodies present.

Businesses with high value items should consider hiring additional on site guards to avoid potential theft. Having extra eyes on entrances and doubling security systems with guards can greatly decrease any product loss or building destruction that may occur.

While smaller, stand alone businesses may not seem as though there is much security threat, many see individually owned companies as a target since they may not have a high level of security. Having a security guard on site to observe the property and any strange activity that may occur is never a bad idea no matter the size of your business.

Event type

The security guard services needed for an outdoor festival compared to an intimate show may vary greatly. Understanding your type of event, attendee characteristics, and venue location can help to decide the perfect size security guard staff for you.

Events with large, unorderly crowds will need more security supervision. Concerts and festivals where large crowds have the ability to roam freely and come and go as they please can leave the door open for more incidents to occur. Even with detailed planning, large events in open venues have the potential to turn disastrous, but having a large security guard presence and various services in use will help to ease the minds of all.

While smaller events may not seem as difficult to tackle alone, the type of event may prove otherwise. Art and antique shows should be closely monitored to avoid any type of theft. In this event situation, hiring a few security guards may be necessary to protect products, check guests in, ensure attendees are behaving properly and coordinate parking. All of this can easily be done with the presence of a couple security guards.

Crowd size

Whether you're hosting a concert or having a store sale, it’s important to understand the crowd size you might encounter. The more guests that attend an event or workplace event, the more likely an incident may occur. When planning an event or get-together, make sure to estimate the number of heads that might attend in order to prepare.

When dealing with large crowds, a group of security guards to help with traffic flow, blocking off entrances and assisting attendees with questions and concerns is recommended. While a smaller crowd may not yield the same number of guards needed, it is never a bad idea to have a guard present in order to provide peace of mind.

Services Offered

Every security guard at Twin City Security is skilled and trained in a variety of areas. When determining how many you may need for a one time event or year round assistance, you should determine what their main responsibilities should be.

For example, security guards at events might each have different roles. Having guards present for crowd control, parking assistance, media regulation and more is important to insure safety for guests and to avoid any unwanted incidents.

At large business complexes with multiple entrances, the need for receptionist services and a high theft rate should consider more than one guard in order to have all areas efficiency covered.

If you are in need of security services ranging from entrance monitoring to loss prevention and everything in between, we at Twin City Services have you covered. We understand the effort and work that is involved in running an event or owning a business and aim to provide the best security services for all types of businesses. Contact us today to create a security plan and determine the number of security guards required to meet all of your needs.


Contact us to learn more about Twin City Security and let us help you solve your security needs.

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