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Holiday themed photo outings, family road trips to visit loved ones and memorable mornings at Grandmas house are staples of the festive winter months. But while you are away enjoying time with family and friends, your empty home is a prime target for intruders looking to steal pricey gifts under the tree and cause costly damage.

Here at Twin City Security we know that the holidays can be a stressful time. While protecting your home from burglars should always be a priority, we want to share a few things to consider concerning your home security during the holidays so that your trips and festivities can be a relaxing time:

Use your Christmas Decor

While christmas lights and decorations are a pretty sight to see, their purpose can stretch far beyond that during the holiday season. Connecting both your interior and exterior lights, festive inflatables and moving props to a timer can be greatly beneficial when trying to appear as though you are home.

Setting the timer to switch on and off at the times that you would typically be home is the best way to use them. If those looking for a residence that appears unoccupied pass by a lit home, they will likely continue on and assume that someone is home.

Notify a Trustworthy Friend

Informing a trustworthy pal that you are leaving town for a bit can serve as an extra layer of protection against potential burglaries. Asking them to drive by your home or periodically stop by and take a look inside during your vacation can not only ensure that your house has remained untouched but can also give the appearance that a member of the household is in town.

When choosing a friend or coworker to take on a house sitting job, it is important to select someone who you know well and will keep the fact that you are out of town a secret.

Keep your Travel Plans Offline

We know that travel Facebook groups and blogs can be a fun way to plan and share your trip ideas but they are also easy ways for thieves to learn your every move. While they may be entertaining and an easy way to share plans with friends and family, social media is not private no matter what your settings may say.

So next time you go to post the dates that you need a dog-sitter or share the fun ski trip you just booked, think about who might be taking notes.

Prevent Package Theft

The packages don't stop just because you go out of town! When preparing for a trip make sure that you also have plans for the gifts and gadgets that are expected to deliver while you are gone.

According to C+R Research, most online shoppers receive a package between once a week and once a month with the frequency increasing around the holidays. But unfortunately, this popular shopping and delivery method has become a playground for thieves as 36% of online shoppers report having had a package stolen.

Whether your informed friend is tasked with bringing boxes inside, you chose to pause your mail delivery or you re-route your packages to another destination, ensuring that products do not sit in your mailbox or on your front porch for an extended amount of time is vital to holiday home security.

Invest in Security

One of the best ways to add to your home safety is through the use of security systems. With advanced technology systems that track motion, offer video surveillance and report door and window entry or exit, security programs are a great investment for the holiday season and beyond.

According to, the type of home security system should be chosen carefully. Studies show that windows are often forcibly opened or shattered when thieves are attempting to enter. Choosing a system with shatter detecting technology along with ensuring your windows are always locked should be considered.

The holidays should be about spending time with friends and family in a safe environment. Instead of worrying if the tree will still be standing and if the stockings will still be stuffed when you return home, focus on those around you by ensuring that your house is secure while you are away.

Your neighborhood and home security is important. Here at Twin City Security we offer residential services such as security inspections and crime prevention procedures that can greatly benefit all types of properties. Give us a call today at 334.749.8385 to learn more.


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