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When you think of school safety the first thing that comes to mind are the horrific acts that occur all over the nation. But school safety goes beyond school threats and shootings and encompasses all violence including bullying, assaults, thefts and fights.

Schools are meant to be a safe and fun learning environment for kids, but this is not possible without safety measures put into place. Every school’s priority is to protect their students, but the challenge is doing so without creating a distraction.

Hiring a security guard has many benefits, especially in a school setting. A security guard can offer a school the protection it needs while not interfering with the children's education.

Prevent Crime and Violence

Having someone actively monitoring the schools ground will decrease the amount of violence that takes place. A security guard can step in and put a stop to what is happening before anyone gets hurt or property is damaged.

Aggressive Incidents such as fighting, chronic bullying and sexual assaults occur in schools around the country. Nationwide, about 20% of students in middle and high school experience bullying in various places in schools, yet only 46% of students who are bullied notified an adult. Security guards are trained to identify these situations before they escalate and can prevent students from committing the acts.

Immediate Help

With so many people in one place, something is bound to happen. Whether it is a medical, environmental or security emergency, officers are competent to handle any issue that comes their way.

Security guards can also help with crowd control. We all can remember being trampled in the crowded hallways trying to get to our next class, but security guards can help maneuver students through the building quickly and safely. These officers are trained to remain calm, remove people from the area of danger and secure the situation.

Prevents Unwanted Visitors

Even when everyone inside the school is safe, unwanted visitors can enter and create chaos. Anyone can walk off the street onto school property and cause mayhem, but having a security guard can prevent this.

Security guards can protect against unlawful trespassing, which can also prevent strangers from bringing weapons onto campus, vandalizing the property or stealing computers or other equipment from the school.

Exposure to Authority

Most children do not have positive perceptions of police or security officers. Most of their ideas come from TV and often revolve around getting into trouble. Exposing children to a uniformed security officer will help them gain a more positive opinion of authority figures.

The students will begin to trust and respect the guard who protects their school, and will have a better understanding of who to go to when they need help. Students, in return, will feel safer to attend school knowing that they have someone there to protect them. When security guards are on school campuses, students, teachers and parents feel more relaxed.

Keep Students Safe with Twin City Security!

Have peace of mind knowing that your staff and students are safe by hiring a security guard. At Twin City Security, We have vast experience providing security services and access control to nearly every type of industrial facility, including education institutions.

Our security officers receive training in report writing, first aid, legal authority and patrolling, and our management staff is always seeking new advancements in private security. We can meet your needs for a wide range of services including, security officers, access control, receptionist services, loss prevention, CCTC monitoring and security surveys.

Call us today to learn more about our security officers and how Twin City Security can help protect your school!


Contact us to learn more about Twin City Security and let us help you solve your security needs.

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