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Expensive equipment, dangerous materials, and half-completed builds, along with important plans and data are all contained within construction sites. Ensuring that construction sites are properly secured to avoid potential theft or injured trespassers is vital for a smooth operation.

Here at Twin City Security, we employ trained security guards to ensure that your property is well secured. We have experience evaluating all types of properties and areas, forming a security plan, and placing our security guards in strategic areas to ensure that your space is secure.

Have Signage and Barries

Posting signage and incorporating fences or barriers into your construction site may sound like common sense but it can be easily forgotten.

Easily readable and professionally designed signs that urge visitors to stay out of certain areas and that consequences will result if the property is breached will help keep unwanted guests out. Physical barriers are also an easy way to protect your site. Fences with barbed wire and other types of walls or gates will not only promote that guests are not welcome but also make it difficult for people to break in.

Assign Duties

Having your employees be a part of security efforts will ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what to be on the look for. Having certain crews responsible for checking trespassing signs, others securing gates at the end of shifts and other security-related tasks will allow multiple eyes to check that it is done.

Along with assigning security duties, it is a good idea to clean up and organize the site as much as possible at the end of the day. Putting away materials and tools into a safe area will add an extra layer of protection. Organizing equipment that cannot be safely locked away will allow for any disturbances to be easily detected.

Limit Access

Your construction site should not be an open campus. Every foot that steps on the site should have a purpose and be cleared.

A good way to limit access is by establishing a check-in area prior to entering the site. This area will be able to confirm someone’s arrival and keep track of who is on the site and when they come and go. That way if something goes missing or there is a security breach of some type is experienced, there will be a record of the individuals that are present.

Keep the Area Bright

Having the proper lighting to illuminate your site is vital. Not only will it allow your workers to properly maneuver at nighttime but it will also allow security personal and monitoring systems to clearly see any potential intruders.

Well-lit places often repel people that are looking to break in as well because it gives the appearance that people are present or that an area is being watched. No matter how you choose to provide light to your site, it is important to have it on during times that peak for trespassers.

Let Twin City Security Help

We understand that enforcing the best security measures for your site can be overwhelming. Here at Twin City Security, we want your construction site to be safe on the inside and out. We are able to compose a security plan that will pinpoint areas of concern along with the proper solution. Contact us today to learn more about our receptionist services, controlled access options, security guard plans, and more!


Contact us to learn more about Twin City Security and let us help you solve your security needs.

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