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According to Safewise, on average, a burglary happens once every 30 seconds.

Whether residential or commercial property, it's important to be aware of your surroundings and any potential threats that may be present. Here at Twin City Security we want to ensure that your property is secure. Our trained security guards are ready to help in any way they can. Here are 5 signs that burglars might be targeting you home:

Unusual traffic

Uncommon cars and people around your house or apartment may be a cause for concern. If you feel that strange vehicles or unusual foot traffic is occurring around your property, setting up a camera system may be the next step.

Burglars often camp out in cars or take notes on foot to understand your home patterns. Taking note of the individual's appearance or car details can be beneficial if you need to make a report to the police.

Flyers and other promotional materials

While some flyers and promotional materials may be actually advertising a business or service, there are instances where they can be used as tactics to determine the times that you are at home.

For instance, if a flyer is dropped off after lunch time and not picked up until the evening, it would most likely mean that you are at work during the day, leaving your house as an open target for a break in. If you do happen to get flyers of promotional materials at your home it might be a good tactic to bring them inside at different times or have a trusted neighbor retrieve them while you are at work. The same goes for mail and packages.


Don’t dismiss the people knocking on doors as sales people. A common tactic for burgelors for both residential and commercial properties is to pose as a survey taker.

Once people interact with the surveyor, they will slip in questions that could help them to form a profile on you that includes details such as where you work, time of day you work and other activities that may cause you to be away from the house throughout the day.

Not only will frequent surveyors be able to form a schedule that you might follow in order to determine the optimal time for a break in, they will also know if you are home or not in the exact moment that they knock. This leaves the door open for an immediate break in opportunity.


Lots of burglars and their accomplices will leave markings to indicate which houses to break into and which ones are not a good choice. Often made with chalk or spray paint, “X” shapes or lines are drawn outside of homes as a code.

If you happen to find these signs outside of your residence, the best thing to do is to get rid of them, report them and ensure that people will be home or watching your home for a few days following.

Here at Twin City Security we understand the need for secure property. Whether it be a neighborhood, office complex, apartments or corporate park, we have the trained individuals that can help. Contact us today to learn more about the security services we offer.


Contact us to learn more about Twin City Security and let us help you solve your security needs.

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