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People that rent a home or apartment often have to rely on owners or landlords to ensure the security of their property. Whether you rent a singular home or are leasing out a large-scale apartment complex, keeping your property secure will help both you and your tenants sleep easier at night. Here are a handful of tips we, at Twin City Security, suggest to help prevent crime and keep your space secure:

Install secure doors

Insufficiently secure doors can make anyone feel uncertain living in a property, but The Balance provides a number of ways to make both entry and secondary doors safer.

  • Stay away from installing glass doors. Glass makes it easier to see into the property if it is not tinted or frosted, and glass is also easily broken through which can create a potential safety hazard. Instead, opt for doors that are made of a sturdy material, like steel or wood.
  • Provide more than one lock. Having one lock is usually considered to be sufficient for doors within the property, but entryways and any doors leading to outdoor spaces should have multiple locks. For instance, the front and back door should have a standard lock as well as a deadbolt, as these make it more difficult for a criminal to break in.
  • Install peepholes. By providing peepholes, you can comfortably choose to install a deadbolt lock rather than a chain lock, as the peephole will allow your tenant to see outside of the property without having to crack open the door.

Set up security cameras (or believable fakes):

To provide your tenants a way to check around the property without having to leave the safety of their home, security cameras are a great option. This is a great option for properties that are multi-family or have a larger number of tenants, as they will benefit more from the cost. You will want to place cameras at the back and front entrance of the property, as well as anywhere that you deem necessary or beneficial.

Security cameras are expensive and they may not suit your property’s specific needs. In this case, suggests the use of fake cameras. You can purchase faux security cameras and install them in the same locations you would a real security camera to provide the appearance of 24/7 surveillance. It is important to invest in believable fake cameras, which means you should not buy cameras with blinking lights on the front. The light is usually a dead giveaway to an experienced thief that the camera is fake.

Invest in security guards:

Security guards are another great option for larger properties with multiple tenants. The presence of a security guard not only ensures your residents that you consider their safety to be a priority but will also bring them peace of mind.

The primary responsibility of a security guard is prevention. While security systems will alert you of a break-in, security guards provide the means of an immediate response while authorities are alerted. A patrolling security guard can often be enough to deter burglars and other criminals from the property and act as a means to prevent crime from the start.

There are a number of other benefits that come with hiring a security guard, and our guards at Twin City Security are trained to evaluate security cameras, check credentials for those entering and exiting the premises, and restricting access to areas. Whatever your property requires, we are prepared to provide it to you.

Provide ample lighting:

Having adequate lighting is one of the easiest ways to prevent crime, so it is important to have proper lighting present both inside and outside of your property.

  • Indoor lights:You will want to provide lighting inside of the residence in any areas that are windowless or especially dark. These areas can include hallways, stairwells, and entryways. It is also a good idea to keep spare light bulbs in a storage or utility closet in the event that a light burns out.
  • Outdoor lights: Ensuring the exterior of the property is well-lit is just as important as having efficient lighting on the inside. Similar to the interior of your property, you will want to place lights in areas that are usually very dark in the evening or do not receive lighting from a streetlamp. It is important for lights to be placed near walkways that are frequently used so that residents feel secure using them at any point in time.

Educate Your Residents

While all of these tips can be useful in helping to prevent criminal activity on and around your property, it is also important to remind your residents that there are many ways they can help make their home a safer living space. Ensure that everyone in the property has access to emergency contact numbers whether it be for the local police department or resident security guards. Residents should have a plan in the event of a security based emergency as well. Should you need help determining additional security measures or courses of action, Twin City Security is always here to help.


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