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Security guards are utilized for a variety of different reasons and situations. Staying safe is something no one should have to compromise, but how do you determine whether or not you may need to hire a security guard?

At Twin City Security, we provide security officers for various different tasks and we want to help keep you safe. When considering whether or not to hire a security officer, partner with Twin City Security.

Some common instances in which security guards are necessary include:

  • Residential protection
  • Industrial/construction patrol
  • Professional/academic control
  • Medical/behavioral security

Protecting Residential Areas

A home is often considered one of the most important places to protect. Because a home holds your loved ones and prized possessions, it becomes one of the more vulnerable places if crime were to strike. Few people want to move into places without being sure that there is a sort of system for protection in place, in the event that danger presents itself. Whether you reside in an apartment complex or a gated community, security guards are incredibly useful to patrol and protect wherever you call home.

Twin City Security is in the business of patrolling and protecting several different types of residential neighborhoods, including apartment complexes, condominiums, neighborhoods, and various single and multiple-family dwellings. We also provide security inspection and crime prevention procedures for hotels and motels. If you are looking to secure one of these kinds of areas, contact Twin City Security for all questions regarding security guards.

Security in Industrial/Construction Sites

When considering the best ways to secure construction sites, the main concern is who is granted access to the location and how to ensure any materials and vehicles being used stay in their designated places at all times. Important ways to ensure quality security at a construction site include establishing fencing, adequate lighting, and including “no trespassing” signage. Security officers in industrial sites can help to guarantee only those with access are let into the site, patrol the inside and outside of the location, and monitor security cameras for any suspicious activity.

Our trained security officers have experience and are currently serving at various types of industrial sites including sawmills, paper mills, manufacturing sites, and construction sites. If you are in need of quality security measures for an industrial site like these, contact Twin City Security to develop a plan today.

Monitoring Professional/Academic Areas

This sector of locations spans places like museums and office complexes to universities and banks. Places that require crowd monitoring and access control can benefit from the presence of security guards. Most of these types of locations are often open to the public with several large groups of people cycling through on a daily basis. It is important to ensure that safety is a priority for the people on-site, as well as for the things and properties that need to remain protected.

Twin City Security has experience with crowd control and access protection in several different professional and academic locations. Whether it be a community college, university, bank, credit union, or several other types of professional settings, Twin City Security is equipped with quality security officers to keep your businesses running smoothly and safely.

Security for Medical/Behavioral Offices

Hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and other various types of clinics require security measures to ensure the safety of the employees, patients, and also important medical records within these facilities. Medical and behavioral centers may require both internal and external security measures, such as receptionist services as well as access control and monitoring.

Our expert security officers at Twin City Security provide trustworthy and thorough coverage at various types of medical and behavioral centers, such as rehabilitation centers, physician offices, as well as hospitals. Because it is so important that places like these stay as secure as possible, we are available to provide our highest area of expertise to medical centers around the state.

At Twin City Security, we are equipped with the capability to provide services such as access control, security guard services, loss prevention, CCTV monitoring, and security surveys. We serve several cities spanning the entire state of Alabama and continue to expand this list constantly. Contact us to help us develop a security plan for your specific needs today.


Contact us to learn more about Twin City Security and let us help you solve your security needs.

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