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The lighting surrounding your home is not only essential for seeing in the dark, but it also serves as a security feature. Outdoor lights may be a useful addition to your home security system. A well-lit house prevents possible attackers, reduces hiding areas, and improves your overall sense of security. Security lighting is a multi-purpose investment that pays for itself in a variety of ways. Lights that don't produce glare are controlled by timers and dimmer switches, providing just the right amount of illumination for a safe and attractive outdoor lighting approach.

The following are the main reasons why you should have security lights installed around your property.

Type of Lights


The fear of racking up a huge energy bill may be put to rest by opting for LED security lights. LED bulbs operate at a significantly lower voltage than conventional types of bulbs and produce very little heat. As a result, energy is saved 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These lights pay off in the long run because you don't have to worry about replacing bulbs that may burn out often since LED bulbs have a lasting lifespan. You're also lowering the possibility of a fire threat by reducing the amount of heat emitted by the bulb.

Motion Sensor

Your lights might include a motion sensor. When something gets close to your light source, a sensor will detect it. When there is nothing in an area, the light will switch off, but when it detects anything, it will remain on. For the sensor to perform well, it must have a large coverage area.

Timer Lights

This type of light would enable the lights to turn on at a specific time and then turn off at a different time. The timer may be set to function at a specific time of day.


If you need to focus your outdoor lighting on a specific region around your home, this is the light for you. A spotlight, for example, can be placed over a driveway or sidewalk, among other places.

Placement of Lights

When installing security lights, you must consider where they will be installed. You may put security lights anywhere outside your home, but it's a good idea to plan out where each one will go. Outdoor locations that are well-lit give visibility that allows you to identify suspicious activity and the presence of intruders, allowing you to call for aid right away. You may also choose to mount your lights wherever you wish. You can attach them to your home's exterior walls or place them on poles throughout your yard. Whatever the situation may be, you must pay close attention to how effectively the lights are laid out and where they are stored.

Strategically Place Lights

  • Along Entryways and Exits
  • Down Driveways and Hidden Paths
  • Around Dark areas or Landscaping


The appropriate equipment in the right places is useless unless the lights are operating correctly. That is why appropriate care and repair are so important. Keep track of how long your light bulbs last and replace them before they burn out. Also, replace light bulbs as soon as possible if they break.

Why You Need Security Lights

Increases Safety

Landscape lighting improves security by allowing people to see your property even when it's dark outside. The risk of burglary is reduced when a property is properly lighted. Installing timers for your lighting or having security lights with customized on and off timer settings is perfect because thieves are known to conduct their studies before trying a break-in. You may adjust the lighting schedule to make it more difficult for an outsider to figure out when you're usually gone.

Increases Property Value

When you install security lighting you are not only protecting your home but increasing your property value as well. Outdoor lighting is a must-have feature that will increase the value of your house and result in a higher appraisal if you ever decide to sell. In addition to increasing the value of your property, adding outside security lighting can lower your insurance rates.

Installing security lights around the property can also function as accent lighting, so the setting is only enhanced as the night creeps in. Future homeowners are drawn to these warmer and softer tones in outdoor lighting because they evoke feelings of relaxation and enjoyment.

How We Can Help

Here at Twin City Security, we help reduce the risk and tailor a solution that fits your needs. We offer highly qualified security professionals for every industry, reacting to all security problems that may occur. We help safeguard our customers' assets and want to become the number one choice for contract security services in Alabama. If you believe you need extra security help, our team is devised of highly trained individuals that provide quality and professional security service. Contact us today to learn more about Twin City Security.


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