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Wouldn’t it be nice to prevent a crime before it even happens? Did you know that suspicious behavior is actually easily identifiable if you know what to look for? While suspicious behavior isn’t proof that a person will do something bad, there are signs that may make you question someone’s next move. At Twin City Security, we have compiled a list of suspicious behaviors to be aware of, why they are suspicious, and how we can help.

Suspicious Behaviors

Inappropriate oversized clothing

This could be a trench coat on a warm day or any large clothing on a hot day. This person might be hiding something underneath the clothing such as a weapon or a stolen object. This can also be overly large clothing for the person wearing it. It is easier for items to be concealed in bulky clothing than if a person was wearing appropriately sized clothes.


This could include constantly looking around, discomfort, staring at nothing, or asking questions indicating they are paranoid. Nervous behavior can indicate that someone is potentially guilty of something or that they are a victim. Being able to identify nervous behavior can potentially help save someone's life. Other indications of nervous behavior include excessive fidgeting, nail-biting, or hair pulling.

Hands in pockets

Or cupping hands indicates that someone could be holding a suspicious device or a weapon in their hands. Similar to inappropriate oversized clothing, pockets are able to conceal items. However, unless the person of interest is showing any other signs of suspicious behavior, this might not be a good detector of a criminal. Because so many people utilize pockets, it is best to analyze this behavior with other suspicious activities before taking action.

Constantly favoring one side of the body

Someone who is constantly adjusting their clothing on one side, or angled areas underclothing is something to look out for. This could mean that they are hiding a firearm or weapon underneath. Suicide bombers are known to pat themselves over and over to make sure the vest or belt holding the bomb is still attached to themselves.

Repeated driving patterns

If someone is driving in circles or passing you multiple times a day, this could mean they are watching someone else or you. Someone picking up on your behavior and schedule is dangerous because they will know where you will be and when.

It is also suspicious if someone is seated in their car for an extended period of time without lights on or movement. An example would be witnessing the same car and people outside a building for an extended period of time. The potential danger could be they are observing who leaves and who stays along with any other security measures. Whether they are looking to rob the building or they are monitoring a specific person's schedule, this behavior should be taken seriously.

Leaving a business before or after opening

If it is not someone who works for the facility, but hangs around early or late when no one else is present, they may be a threat to the building. They could be looking for an entrance or exit plan, scoping out an individual, or plotting something more general.


If someone is questioning a building’s purpose, operations, security, or shift status, that is considered suspicious behavior. Unless they are an employee of the building, they do not need to know such information. These individuals could be looking for trade secrets or trying to get more information for a successful robbing.

Places to Watch

Here are some places that might be a target for suspicious people and where to look out for the behavior listed above:

  • Government facilities
  • Religious buildings
  • Sports venues
  • Entertainment venues/theaters
  • High-rises
  • Parades, fairs, any event with a large gathering of people
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Malls or outdoor shopping areas
  • Bridges
  • Public transportation

Stay Protected

It is important to be observant when you are in public or simply at work. Noticing suspicious behavior is the first step in preventing crime or avoiding danger. While it is not always certain that these behaviors will lead to something bad happening, it is important to point these behaviors out to someone of security.

Gathering surveillance is also important to stay safe. These days, anyone with a smartphone can quickly take a video or picture of someone without them noticing. If you see someone you think is suspicious, it might be worth it to take a picture. If you are unable to get a picture, get a good description written down on your phone or on paper of the suspicious person. Details to take note of include height, age range, hair color, and behavior.

If a suspicious person gets in a car or other type of vehicle, get a good description of the vehicle. Write down the license plate, make, color, model, and if anyone else was in the car.

Security systems can be installed at your business to protect you from dangerous people. Twin City Security has a service to watch your closed-circuit television, monitoring the people on the premises of your building. Twin City Security can also help you with a security survey to your facility to analyze the security flaws and how to fix them. Keeping you safe is our top priority and we are ready to help you today!


Contact us to learn more about Twin City Security and let us help you solve your security needs.

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