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There are many different kinds of items that thieves want more than others when they are looking at places to rob. Some of the most common stolen items are designer items from retail stores. However, when it comes to your home, burglars are looking for many different things. It is important to be aware of what common items you have in your home that someone else may want. With that being said, security agencies are great resources for keeping your home and/or business safe. Twin City Security has curated a list of commonly stolen items:

High-Risk Items Most Likely to Be Stolen From Households

1. Cash

Cash is easy for burglars to steal because it is not traceable. It doesn’t need to be sold or traded. It is also small and easy to carry. Be sure to keep your spare change in a singular spot hidden from intruders.

2. Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are also easy to carry because they are small. Many burglars steal prescription drugs in order to make a profit elsewhere. For a burglar, prescription drugs are a quick and easy way to make a profit. Be sure to keep your medications in an enclosed cupboard or drawer and not easily visible when people come over or look through a window.

3. Jewelry

Similar to cash and prescription drugs, jewelry is also easy for a burglar to steal because of its size. It is easy for the thief to hide and carry out. Jewelry is also fairly easy to sell to stores that buy silver and gold.

4. Electronics (televisions/gaming consoles)

These are a little harder for burglars to steal because they are much larger than cash, prescription drugs, or jewelry. Nonetheless, this is a commonly stolen item to be aware of.

5. Computers and cell phones

Cell phones are easier to steal because they are smaller, but computers are also easy for burglars. However, these are more difficult for robbers because most people have passwords that do not allow other people to have access to their devices. To ensure a burglar cannot utilize your computer, make sure to curate a strong password.

6. Guns

Guns are very profitable and even more so dangerous. Make sure that when you are away from your home, your guns are locked up so intruders cannot access them.

7. Designer Handbags/Clothes

Many people are interested in buying what they could not normally afford, so this could be an easy profit for a burglar. To avoid bringing a burglar's attention to your home, you should avoid discussing expensive items you own. A potential burglar could listen to your conversation and make you their target.

8. Alcohol

Controlled substances and common substance abuse items are prime targets for thieves. Whether it is for themselves or to earn a profit through selling, these items are high-risk in your home should someone break in.

9. Personal Information

Thieves will steal personal papers like your social security number in order to steal your identity. Identity theft is a concern in everyone’s lives, especially with the rise of digital access to our information. To ensure they cannot access your personal information in your home, be sure to lock it up in a safe or locked compartment.

High-Risk Items Most Likely to Be Stolen From Retail Stores

1. Designer Handbags/Clothes

Common with home robberies, designer clothes are always popular for robbers. Many people want what they cannot have and if they cannot afford designer items, this would be something thieves would be inclined to steal.

2. Razors

Razors are mostly stolen because of how expensive they are. Some people steal them because they cannot afford them. They are exciting to thieves because they are easy to hide. If you own a store, be sure to put valuable items behind a glass door that only workers can open. This is seen in convenience stores with razors, medications, expensive hair products, and high-end makeup brands.

3. Jewelry

Like thieves who break into homes, stealing jewelry from retail stores is also enticing to them because of how small jewelry can be. It is also easy for them to resell and make a profit.

4. Infant Formula

This has become a hot new item for thieves to steal because it is easy to carry and resell. There are many people reselling infant formula online. It is also a necessity for new mothers and can be easy to steal for those who can’t afford it. Having deals and sales can help those who can’t afford it feel better about buying it and making sure a staff member monitors the hallway can help. Hiring a security guard for your store will make all the difference. While you run your store, they can take care of the monitoring and safety protocols.

5. Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent has become a high-risk stolen item specifically by many drug dealers. Drug dealers utilize laundry detergent to resell and get a profit and may use it for other purposes.

6. Cigarettes

Due to tax increases, many burglars have been stealing cigarettes. They have become popular to steal because people do not want to pay taxes on them. They also have addictive ingredients which can make them more tempting for people who want them or feel they need them.

7. Teeth Whitening Strips

The urge to steal teeth whitening strips has been growing because people are reselling the product to gain profit. Keeping these strips behind a locked glass case that can only be opened by staff members may help mitigate robbery.

8. Alcohol

Similar to burglars stealing alcohol in-home, thieves steal high-end liquor either to drink it themselves or resell for profit.

How We Can Help

At Twin City Security, we want to make sure you are as safe as possible. Being aware of the items you own that are high risk for potential thieves will help you ensure you are able to safely store your belongings. Contact us today and we can help you make sure your home or business is secure!


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