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Moving is one of the most stressful processes you may go through and requires lots of time dedicated to finding your ideal home. Researching the housing market, schools, and weather are just a few important elements to look out for during your search. While location should always be a top priority, it can be hard to determine what your safest options are before you make your move. Services like Twin City Security are there to help ensure your new home remains safe and secure at all times. Continue reading to learn what factors you should look for in a safe neighborhood and how you can make sure this location is the best option for you.

Visit the Neighborhood in Person

One of the best decisions you can make when looking for a new home is visiting the neighborhood in person. It can be difficult to get a true feel for an area through online research, so being able to see what it’s like could sway your opinion. If you are considering bringing your family or starting one, it’s important to look into the schools and events that take place there, as well as whether or not they have reliable security services.

When physically touring the area, some green flags might include seeing lots of sidewalks or bike lanes, as well as children and families playing outside. It can raise concerns if the area is especially quiet. Additionally, make sure the community looks well-kept and taken care of compared to the way it’s portrayed online. It can be easy for people to post the highlights of an area, so make sure the neighborhood is clean elsewhere, too.

Look Up Crime Rates

Safety should always be the number one concern when determining where your new neighborhood should be. There are several ways that you can choose to investigate the crime rates of an area, and it’s recommended you use as many resources as you can to ensure you feel comfortable wherever you end up. Websites like SpotCrime offer information about police reports and crimes that have taken place in specific areas, so putting your potential address in is smart to check. It’s also a good idea to check out what types of crime have or are taking place because this can give you a better idea as to what you may have to look out for, and whether or not you may choose to hire private security.

Another great way to get a feel for the crime rates in an area is by contacting local Law Enforcement. Talking to someone who works in the community may get you a more detailed explanation of what types of crime take place. This is also a beneficial way to get someone’s opinion and find out whether or not they would recommend the neighborhood to you depending on your situation. Those with families may run into obstacles that a single person moving may not.

Check the Number of Homes for Sale

Looking at the number of homes for sale in an area can give you an accurate idea of how many people plan to leave and why. If you are researching a neighborhood where there are more people or families planning on leaving than staying, this could be a red flag. Additionally, during your visit in person, keep a lookout for how many homes have been left vacant or unused. These homes could be used illegally or make the community look less inviting, and you may want to determine where your possible home will be located in relation.

Talk to People Living There

If you are seriously considering the neighborhood, talking to people who already live there could give you some insight into how others like it. If you know where your home is located, try introducing yourself to your potential neighbors and start a conversation. They may be able to tell you whether or not they recommend it and talk about the community as a whole. It could be a good idea to speak to more than one resident, too, in order to find out how similarly everyone feels and determine if there is any bias.

On top of these benefits, it’s reassuring when your new neighbors seem welcoming and generous, especially in a brand new area, that way you know you aren’t completely alone when you start your move. Making friends ahead of time is helpful and it’s also good to know if you’re surrounded by people similar to you, that is, families or individuals.

Research the State

While studying your new neighborhood makes a huge difference, many new movers should look into the state your new home is located in, particularly if you are going to a new one. Determine where your state ranks in terms of safety and living satisfaction compared to the others. It may not be ideal to relocate to a state that’s ranked #50 on a list, and there are many different reasons this may be the case.

Like your neighborhood crime rates, it’s important to understand the state’s crime rates, too. One great resource to use for this is the FBI Crime Data Explorer website which allows you to choose a specific state and research the overall rates of crime there. Along with this, there may be certain laws you weren’t previously aware of, so you want to be sure you feel as prepared as possible when moving in.

How We Can Help

At Twin City Security, we understand that protecting yourself and loved ones is always a priority, especially when moving to an unfamiliar neighborhood. There are many instances where you may feel the need for some extra defense against unknown elements, so looking into security companies will ensure you are prepared and feel taken care of. We offer not only private services, but also provide services for workplaces, schools, and other public businesses or areas. Contact us at 334-749-8385 to learn more and find ways to feel protected in your new community.


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