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Finding gifts for anyone can be difficult. Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one or even a school security guard, you can go many different routes. Some people pride themselves on their gift-giving skills while others love to give gag gifts. Other people use gift-giving as their love language and use it as a way to show people they care. Here are some serious and fun gift options for your local security guard:

Not Security-Related Gifts

Sarcastic Quotes: You can get sarcastic quotes on a plethora of nick nacks or t-shirts. Some nick nacks could include coffee mugs, candles, and/ or travel mugs. There are so many quirky or fun sayings you can find online.

Custom Street Sign: There are many fun custom street signs people use as decor. You can get them for a street you grew up on or a joke between roommates.

Personalized Wallet: Not all gifts need to be funny. Sometimes practical gifts that you know someone will get more use out of have more meaning. If you know your security officer is in need of a new wallet, this is the perfect gift idea! Personalizing any gift just shows you care by going a little farther to make it more meaningful.

Personalized Docking Station: After a long day at work, it is important to put your belongings in the same place, so you remember where to grab them for tomorrow. A docking station will help stay organized as well. Another way to make it just a little more meaningful is by personalizing the station with their name or something personable.

Coffee Gift Box: Who doesn’t drink coffee in the morning? If you are working long hours or need a pick-me-up throughout the day, a coffee gift box is a great gift. You can customize it with your security guards' favorite different types of coffee, creamer, and anything else they love in their coffee!

Shower Kit: After a long shift, a guard is going to watch to relax and wash off. You can put together a shower kit full of your security guards' favorite bathroom supplies. This can be their favorite shampoo and conditioner or a brand new razor! This is another useful gift option.

Security Related Gifts

Flashlights: Flashlights are important gifts for everyone, but they will be very useful for security guards. If they are working night shifts, they need a flashlight to look around properties. There are many high-tech flashlights with bright lights that your security guard will love.

Insulated Bottle: Day or night, on the job or not, a security guard is going to need to either stay hydrated or keep their coffee warm. Therefore, a nice insulated bottle is perfect for any security guard's needs because it will last longer than a plastic bottle, and they can bring them with them on the job.

Comfortable Insoles: All security guards spend a lot of time on their feet. Therefore, a comfortable insole can make a world of difference when you are standing on your feet all day.

Watch: When working, it is always important to keep track of time! It is important for security guards to have sturdy and durable watches because they could be getting beat up from being worn for long periods of time.

Activity Tracker: An activity tracker could be on your watch or something different. Because security guards are moving around throughout their shifts, it would be nice to track their steps and see how active they are being. This may also help their shift move faster because they can compete with themselves each day to do more steps.

Utility Belt/Bracelet: This is a fun, yet handy gift for any security officer. It is light and easy to wear and some may say stylish! You just press a button and a small knife and screwdriver should appear. These are perfect for opening small packages, fixing small appliances, or even snacking on an apple.

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