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If you hear someone mention a security guard and security officer, there’s a high chance you don’t know the difference. It’s hard to tell a guard from an officer in public, but there are actually several big differences between the two. In order to be as safe as possible it’s important you understand what separates them in case you find yourself needing security. Both of these roles have the same ultimate goal, which is to keep something or someone safe and secure. As one of Auburn, Alabama’s most trusted security agencies, Twin City Security has the resources and knowledge to keep you informed. Keep reading to learn how security guards and security officers differ.

Security Guard

Security guards are technically ranked below security officers because of their different training requirements and duties. Their ranking doesn’t make them any less qualified, however. These people are the guards you normally see in public watching entrances, exits, or certain areas. Depending on where they’re located, guards tend to have more interaction with the public and must be prepared. They may get asked for directions if stationed in a busy area, or for recommendations in the town or city.

This type of security obviously requires you to be alert and prepared at all times. It is the security guard’s responsibility to report any suspicious activity or behavior they witness while on patrol to their client or supervisor. With less movement involved in their tasks, they will normally focus on a smaller space for a designated period of time. Security guards also follow a general plan given to them by officers and have specific instructions that must be followed.

As far as training goes, security guards have less than officers. They are not put through any intense programs or drills and instead must pass entry-level tests. Other than being alert while working their post, guards are tested with conflict resolution scenarios and have to write reports from time to time. Depending on the state you live in, training requirements can vary.

Security Officer

With more experience and knowledge in the area of security and safety, officers hold a higher position than guards. They usually have the responsibility of managing and planning security plans and distributing the information to others while keeping the client informed. These plans often include tasks that are given to the security guards working under the officer. They usually spend time training guards and assigning them a location to watch.

Unlike security guards, security officers move around much more. They must ensure that everyone is in their locations and the plan they formed is running smoothly. Having good judgment is vital in these positions because you’ll be looked at as a professional. Much more responsibility comes with being a security officer as they supervise all operations.

Training to be a security officer is more in-depth and thorough than security guards, covering a bigger variety of services. One of the biggest differences between these two roles is the type of experience that qualifies you. Officers have more experience and understand how to complete most tasks faster than others. Because of the higher amount of duties and training, security officers normally have a high salary, as well.

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At Twin City Security, we want you to feel safe at all times and can offer you services ranging from CCTV monitoring to private security guards for your property. Protecting yourself and loved ones can feel scary and hard sometimes, but our team will make sure everything runs smoothly and you’re protected in the best way. Whether you’d like to learn more about some of the different types of security or you’re looking to hire, we want to provide you with solutions and answers. Contact us to find out more about our high-quality services.


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