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Football season can cause a lot of chaos. With so many dedicated fans, there can be many accidents throughout the football games because everyone wants to see their favorite team win. Safety is a large factor at sporting events and just in general in this day and age.

In sporting events, security is a part of risk management. It helps ensure that spectators are having the best experience possible no matter how big or small the event may be. However, security is not just focused on persons interfering with the game. There are security plans put into action for storms, natural disasters, and any other events that could come up during the big game. Here are the ways a security company can help during a sporting event.

Emergency Plans

Sporting event managers must plan ahead and be prepared for any type of situation that could affect the event taking place. There should be an emergency plan documented for any event held at any venue. The document should cover details like evacuation plans, fire exits, the location of first aid kids/medical supplies, and emergency centers if necessary. These plans should be shared with the parties hosting the events at the venue like hired security.

Physical Security

When discussing safety, most people think of terror. While these dangerous situations are less likely to occur, it is in your best interest to prepare for any kind of scenario. First, you must take into consideration who can access your venue. Some sporting events are not closed off and almost anyone can access the venue.

To limit access to football games, there are many checkpoints to go through. You have to have your ticket scanned and go through a metal detector to make sure you are not bringing in anything illegal or dangerous. Depending on where your seats are in the stadium, you may have another security guard check your ticket to make sure you are in the right area. During games, the event managers are more likely to hire more security guards to watch for any suspicious activity. Larger venues install security alarms to go off to open certain doors only in the time of an emergency. Prior to an event, the event manager will decide whether or not security guards are necessary. From fights in the stands to harassment and assault of referees, security is a necessity at sporting events. This has become a major growing problem in the United States. That is why hiring security guards and taking precautions ahead of time can be beneficial. Having security officers onsite lowers the chances of fights breaking out. While they might truly prevent them from breaking out, they can handle the situations if they arise.

When hiring physical security guards, the event manager should take into consideration the size of the event, level of competition, and the history of the event. For example, the Iron Bowl would definitely need more security because this is one of the most popular football rivalries. Fights break out between fans and the field gets stormed by the winning team's fans at the end. While all SEC football games need security, the more popular rivalries will need even more.

Weather and Natural Disasters

Some dangers are less predictable than others and weather could be your biggest enemy on the football field. Making sure you have established a proper evacuation plan is important. It should include evacuation maps, coordination with first responders, and medical plans. Having security guards will help safely direct civilians to their proper locations.

Natural disasters are also something to take into consideration to be prepared for anything that can occur. Without an evacuation plan for different kinds of natural disasters, people are left lost and scared. Therefore, it is important to look out for high winds and heat that could result in more extreme types of storms to create a safe environment for its visitors. If venues do not offer water normally but notice there is a heat wave, they may want to consider offering free water. This could end up saving someone’s life.


Technology advances allow for many improvements in your day-to-day life. Camera systems are able to detect suspicious activity from people and even look back at the people after a fight or assault has occurred. Most people do not even notice metal detectors anymore because they have become so normal when attending sporting events. Virtual tickets have made it easier to monitor entry into the games. Major sports teams use radio-frequency identification in tickets on attendees' tickets to track their movement while in the venue. This can help people locate their lost children, handle longlines, and more. The technology advancements in security have been able to keep more people safe and will continue to do so this football season.

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At Twin City Security, your safety is our priority. We offer a multitude of different security options to keep you safe. If you need to hire security guards for any type of event, we have got you covered! Twin City Security offers different types of security systems and guards for your football game. Feel as safe as possible and contact us today to figure out what’s best for you!


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