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With Halloween right around the corner, it is important to make sure you and your trick-or-treaters are safe. Lots of spooky things can happen around Halloween. Here are some tips to help prioritize your and your kids' safety while also enjoying the fun holiday.

Choose Costumes Carefully

Many kids want their costumes to be super cool and fun. However, make sure you take into consideration the material and color because some accessories can be dangerous for your little ones.

Bright Colored Costumes: Bright-colored costumes make it easy for you to spot your kids in the dark when they run ahead with their friends to grab some candy. Dark Halloween costumes can often get lost in the crowd on Halloween night. Glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark paint are also a great way to help keep an eye on your trick-or-treater.

Avoid Covering Face/Eyes: Many kids love wearing spooky masks as their costumes, but this can be dangerous. It can be stressful and difficult for young children if masks are blocking their eyesight or nose, making it difficult to breathe. Sometimes it is safer to leave the mask out of the costume.

Flame Retardant: It is important to make sure your child’s costumes are flame retardant. Linen and cotton are highly flammable, so it will be safer to find costumes made of polyester and nylon.

Emergency Contact Info: Make sure to write or sow any important emergency contact info into your child’s costume.

Trick or Treat Map

Some neighborhoods get unfamiliar guests coming to trick or treat. It is important to be aware of the route you are going to take when trick or treating and be aware of your surroundings.

Have a Trick or Treat Buddy: Whether that is your siblings, parents, or friends, you should never trick or treat alone. Younger children should always be accompanied by an older sibling or parent.

Be Visible to Drivers: Make sure you are following traffic signs and ongoing traffic. Make sure to walk on the sidewalk or side of the road where cars can see you coming.

Look for Lights: You should only go up to doors with signs or front porch lights on. Traditionally, this means they have treats for trick or treaters. Do not go up to homes that look vacant or go inside to receive candy.

Avoid Dark Places: Do not trick or treat in dark neighborhoods. Make sure there are lots of street lights and carry extra light like a flashlight or even glow sticks.

Check Your Treats

Make sure to check your treats before enjoying the delicious candy.

Do not eat homemade treats from strangers: While they may be perfectly safe, if you do not know them personally you can never be too careful.

Allergies: Make sure to check candies for any ingredient you may be allergic to. Parents should help check candy for any allergies as well.

Choking Hazards: Watch out for candies that could cause choking.

Check Packaging: Make sure the treats have not been opened before eating and that they are factory sealed.

Watch Out for Vandalism

Because many different people are going into different neighborhoods, their agendas may not be trick or treat. Whether you are at home handing out candy or taking your kids to trick or treat there are many ways to stay safe.

Motion Sensors: Setting motion sensors to go off when they detect any movement is a great safety device. You can set up an exterior light to go off when motion is detected and even a video camera, so you can look back and monitor any suspicious behavior.

Lights: You can keep your lights on when you are out trick or treating to make it look like someone is home. Installing light control systems will allow you to change the light settings remotely.

Video Surveillance: Video surveillance will allow you to watch back any footage from the night and keep an eye out for your property straight from your phone or computer. Video surveillance can be motion censored, so your phone can receive a notification anytime motion is detected and it has started recording.

Doorbell Camera: Doorbell camera records anyone who comes up to the front door and rings the doorbell. Some systems will even notify your phone when the doorbell camera has detected someone at the door. You can even speak with people at the front door and greet them!

Remote Systems: Having remote access to your security system can be helpful if you happen to forget to set it up before you leave to trick or treat.

Tips if You’re Driving

If you are driving this Halloween make sure to pay extra attention to the roads. There will be more people walking on the roads than during a normal night.

Drive Slowly: Make sure you drive slowly through residential neighborhoods because kids are running around on a sugar rush. You want to keep an eye out for kids on curbs, medians, and intersections.

Headlights: Turn your headlights on earlier in the night to make sure you can spot children from further away. Trick or treating usually begins around 5:30 p.m.

How We Can Help!

Before you get to enjoy Halloween it is important to take into consideration any necessary safety precautions. At Twin City Security, your safety is our priority. We have various different options to ensure your safety for not only the holiday season but year-round. Contact us to find out which security service is the best for you and your family.


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