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Security is essential in all industries to keep your employees, customers, and offices safe and secure. Reliable security is more important now than ever and this means more than just having security guards on your premises. Read to learn more about five industries that benefit the most from security and the services Twin City Security recommends for each.

1. Residential Communities

Security is essential to protect a residential community’s members and property. Residential communities are vulnerable to crimes such as theft and vandalism, but security can stop unauthorized visitors from entering. Security inspections and crime prevention procedures can be completed for apartment complexes, condominiums, hotels, motels, neighborhoods, and all other single and multiple-family dwellings.

Service example: Security surveys can complete inspections and analyses of a residential community to uncover security flaws and assess facility security procedures and equipment.

2. Industrial and Construction

Industrial and construction sites contain valuable materials that are at risk for trespassing, theft, and vandalism without security measures. These sites are most susceptible to crimes at night when all employees have left the premises, which is why nighttime security is necessary. Authorized access control measures can be put into practice at sawmills, paper mills, manufacturing plants, chemical plants, and construction projects.

Service example: Access control officers can monitor gates or doors to prevent unauthorized people from entering an industrial or construction property and receptionist services can answer phones, greet visitors, and direct people to authorized locations.

3. Professional and Academic

Large schools and professional facilities can have hundreds to thousands of people on the property at any given time. Security guards can be trusted to patrol the area to keep everyone safe by stopping questionable activity before it becomes a crime. Access control and crowd monitoring services are useful at courthouses, office complexes, museums, community colleges, technical colleges, universities, banks, credit unions, and other types of financial institutions.

Service example: Hiring security guards (armed or unarmed) for the premises of a professional or academic institution can provide prevention and control services, such as foot patrols and vehicle patrols, to monitor and deter criminal activity.

4. Medical and Behavioral

Quality security cameras keep people in medical and behavioral centers safe. These types of facilities are common targets for vandalism, trespassing, and theft, so security measures can monitor the area to protect the people and property. Internal and external security functions can be provided for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, outpatient/inpatient clinics, behavioral health, and all other types of medical facilities.

Service example: CCTV Monitoring can help protect all property and all people on the premises of the medical or behavioral facility.

5. Retail and Wholesale

The National Retail Security Survey reports there’s been an increase in retail crime incidents and shoplifting was a $100 billion problem in recent years. 88% of retailers said the pandemic resulted in an increase in overall risk for their company, including growth in violence and aggression incidents. It’s also important to note that when you gain new customers as your business grows in popularity, burglars come along with it. Retail and wholesale businesses need security services that guarantee quick action to give employees and customers peace of mind.

Service example: Loss prevention can reduce the amount of theft and shrinkage within a store or business by vigilant surveillance and quickness to act.

How Twin City Security Can Help

We strive to become your top choice for contract security services by providing highly trained security specialists for every industry, adapting to all security concerns that may arise, and protecting our client's assets. Twin City Security would be delighted to get to know you and your organization and craft a plan to address your specific security needs. If you want to start keeping your business safe, contact us today.


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