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Shoplifting can result in various outcomes for your business. Although there are some losses you may experience with your business due to the effects of shoplifting, there are also strategies and steps you can take that can help you try to prevent this from happening again.

Lost Revenue

It is inevitable that when someone shoplifts from your business, you are losing that money. When someone commits theft and steals something from your business, you automatically lose the revenue you would have received from it. The direct loss will reduce the company’s ability to sell this product or make up for this. It especially affects a business when products and supplies are limited. This results in decreased profits, and your business may have to find ways to fix this and gain that loss back. Your business would want to immediately look for ways to compensate for these lost profits in a scenario like this.

Lost Trust

Shoplifting can make it tougher for your business to trust your public. Typically, you are the one that is thinking about gaining your publics’ trust by being honest about your values, your mission, and what you advertise. However, if your customers are shoplifting, then it will become difficult for you to trust them. This can cause you to want to raise prices on things in order to compensate. It could also result in dividing up your employees and giving them more tasks in order to ensure there’s no theft within your business. These small steps can help you to ensure there’s no shoplifting going on, but even then, it may be difficult for you to trust your target audience you’re working with. Your current employees may even be questioning things. It could be very helpful to sit down and have a meeting with them and strategize ways to prevent future theft.

Lost Inventory

Your overall list of items or supplies needed could potentially be reduced due to shoplifting. Your goods in stock, property, or contents of a building could be lessened. In total, theft can negatively affect your complete list of items. You may need the money that was taken in order to pay for your inventory. Businesses often have to make their prices higher in order to compensate for this shrinkage that can occur. Statistics actually show that shoplifting is responsible for almost forty percent of retail inventory losses throughout the world. Inventory loss can affect your business, too. Many businesses that experience loss of inventory are forced to close down, so it’s important to make sure you’re able to obtain all your inventory.

Lost Reputation

An increase in theft or shoplifting can tarnish your reputation as a business. You want to be thought of as knowledgeable, experienced, and professional. If people are shoplifting from you, your customers may find it harder to take you seriously. This could make other people feel less willing to work with you. If you are looking to partner with another business or organization, they may hesitate due to their reputation for being shoplifted. It is most likely that your partner will assume this could threaten them, and they don’t want to have shoplifters in their business. Job applicants may be more hesitant to work with your business because they won’t want to deal with the effects of shoplifting. Customers may see that you’re being shoplifted, and assume you don’t have the experience or expertise it takes to run a business.

Tired of Losing? Try Better Security

Many businesses that have experienced shoplifting or theft have decided to get better security systems. Twin City Security is a security company that aims to provide our clients with the best security service possible. We can help ensure your business is protected. Your business also may benefit from private security at specific events. Corporate conventions and meetings, large sporting events, or music festivals could all truly benefit from security to avoid potential crimes. Having a security guard at your business events will keep people aware. This could also help your reputation because people will see that you’re taking this incident seriously. There are many benefits to using a security agency, whether that be at events, with your business, or at home. Especially if you’ve experienced shoplifting, you should immediately look into some type of security in order to strive to prevent this from happening again. Whether you want to talk to a security guard, put up security cameras in your working space, or set up security systems, these are all tactics that can help you feel protected and keep your mind at ease. Using a security agency can help you feel less stressed, work better, and have peace of mind.

How Twin City Security Can Help!

Twin City Security is here to help you feel as protected as possible with our bonded unarmed and armed security services for government agencies and private businesses in Alabama. We are a certified Contract Security Company as established by the Alabama Security Regulatory Board. Our highly trained security specialists want to ensure your safety. We want to provide you with dependable security solutions, highly trained security officers, and services to fit your needs. Twin City Security wants to be your first choice in security services when it comes to wanting peace of mind and a comforting presence. For more information, contact us today!


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