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The 2022 Crime Survey of The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety Foundation (IAHSS) found that there was a 47% increase in hospital crime when comparing the number of reported crimes in 2022 to the number in 2020. Hospitals are known as a place of safety and protection. However, there is a large number of safety threats in a hospital each day. In an environment as fast-paced and crowded as a hospital, there are many security issues that can be faced. This fact emphasizes the importance of security guards in hospitals. Continue reading for a list of the most common security threats and how the use of security guard companies can help.

1. Forced Entry of Vehicles

This year there have been over 100 forced entry of vehicles in hospital parking areas in Alabama alone. Vehicular break-ins at hospitals have been happening more often in recent years. Security guards are needed not just in the hospital, but outside of them. Criminals circle the parking areas to break into the victim’s car and steal their property. Many thieves have entered the parking lot and broken into over 70 vehicles of hospital staff and patients in one night in certain locations One of the benefits of a hospital contracting a security guard company in Alabama would be that they will observe and protect vehicles in the hospital parking areas. They can also offer security surveying to uncover flaws and assess facility security procedures and equipment to understand how to eliminate this recurring issue.

2. Assault Against Medical Personnel

Another common security issue that hospitals have been facing is safety concerns for medical personnel. Healthcare workers are five times more likely to experience workplace violence than employees in other industries. Over the past four years, violence against doctors and nurses in the workplace has increased. Violence against medical staff includes verbal and physical assaults made by patients and visitors. Physical violence includes patients and visitors hitting, kicking, and shoving medical staff. In some cases, the reasons for this violence are caused by underlying mental conditions or trauma. Other cases of assault have been from family members lashing out due to grief. While most cases of verbal and physical attacks are responses to traumatic situations or mental illness, it is still a reason for the importance of security services in hospitals to protect personnel doing their jobs.

3. Active Shootings

There have been over 20 fatal hospital shootings since 2022 and there have been hundreds of active assailants in hospitals throughout this decade. The majority of in-hospital shootings have happened in the emergency room, next to the parking lot, and in patient rooms. While hospitals have attempted to crack down on gun violence in hospitals with metal detectors, there are still concerning ways that people are bringing in weapons that are a massive security threat to the safety of employees, patients, and loved ones of patients.

4. Property Theft

Another common security threat is property theft inside the hospital. Many hospitals are faced with these issues due to their lack of security. Theft of property, whether it is patient property or hospital property is a huge issue and not a problem to take lightly. The IAHSS estimates that eight for every 100 patient beds there is theft of patient property. Many people are checking into the hospital and when they check are missing anywhere from $10-$10,000 worth of property. There are also cases where medical equipment goes missing. Often the thieves are medical staff stealing these items to sell on the internet for a profit. In some cases, there are even professional thieves who enter the hospitals to steal medical equipment. Emphasizing the use of security guards in hospitals to work loss prevention and use CCTV monitoring would be an ideal way to prevent theft.

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Twin City Security, LLC is a certified Contract Security Company that has been trusted to provide quality and professional security services in Alabama since 1975. We have vast experience providing unarmed and armed security services including security guard services, access control, loss prevention, CCTV monitoring, and more. We have provided services in many different industrial facilities, including state and local governments and higher education institutions. We strive to become the number one choice for contract security guard companies in Alabama by providing highly trained security specialists who adapt to all security concerns that may arise and protect the assets of our clients. If you are in need of superior security for any industry, contact us today!


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