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Becoming a security guard is an honorable calling. There are various different levels of training and authorization to become a security guard. There are three different levels of training for security guards, and, on top of the different levels of security guard training, there are various different kinds of security guards. There are two main types of security guards: unarmed and armed. Within those two categories, there are different types of unarmed or armed security guards. Twin City Security has provided the basics for levels and authorizations for a security guard.

Wouldn’t it be nice to prevent a crime before it even happens? Did you know that suspicious behavior is actually easily identifiable if you know what to look for? While suspicious behavior isn’t proof that a person will do something bad, there are signs that may make you question someone’s next move. At Twin City Security, we have compiled a list of suspicious behaviors to be aware of, why they are suspicious, and how we can help.

In a survey of 124 businesses, nearly 20% said their organizations had experienced more physical security incidents in 2021 compared to in 2019. 2022 has not shown a decline in these physical security threats. Uping security at your company is so important during these unprecedented times. It may not seem like a security guard is necessary at first, but security incidents happen every day.

The lighting surrounding your home is not only essential for seeing in the dark, but it also serves as a security feature. Outdoor lights may be a useful addition to your home security system. A well-lit house prevents possible attackers, reduces hiding areas, and improves your overall sense of security. Security lighting is a multi-purpose investment that pays for itself in a variety of ways. Lights that don't produce glare are controlled by timers and dimmer switches, providing just the right amount of illumination for a safe and attractive outdoor lighting approach.

The following are the main reasons why you should have security lights installed around your property.

Hospitals can be an extremely fast-paced environment with high volumes of patients, visitors, and employees. Because of the constant change in scenery, surroundings, and people, it can be difficult to maintain complete safety on your own. Here at Twin City Security, we offer added security for whatever your needs may be, making sure everyone’s safety is our top priority and assisting you so you can work with peace of mind.

Here are our top four reasons why you should hire a security guard or security team to protect the hospital you work at.


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