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In today’s world there are technologies that make our everyday life easier and safer. Staying safe is a concern by all, but not everyone is taking the best measures to insure safety. Now, with smart video doorbells our homes can be safer than ever. There are many ways to update your home to keep your family safe.

There are many benefits associated with investing in a video doorbell but here are our top 6 reasons as to why you should invest in a video doorbell.

1. It can save money on your home owner’s insurance  

Insurance companies are always trying to give rate discounts while also finding new ways to keep your home safe. Having a smart doorbell allows for another level of home security as it gives a video of the incident that occurred, if you need one. According to a 2015 study published by Accenture, four in 10 home insurance providers have launched partnerships with manufacturers who produce various security-related smart home technologies  

2. Provides video evidence for police 

If by chance, you were to have a break-in or some other type of home invasion, the smart doorbell stores the videos that it takes. These videos can then be sent to the police or other authorities of which it is their concern. This is not only a great way to deter intruders but also ensures that if there is an unfortunate event, police or other authorities can find the trespasser and hold them accountable.

3. Knowing when a package has arrived 

In the age of Amazon, we live in a world where we are receiving more packages than ever before. Not only are people ordering more online but they expect it to get to their house exactly when the ETA is stated on the website. However, during the holiday season, or really any time of the year, burglars can steal packages from your doorstep. Having a smart doorbell allows for more security as it records any burglars who may try to steal your package. The smart doorbell also notifies you when someone is at your door. So when the delivery person arrives you will know and be able to keep your eye on it. 

4. Knowing who is at your door (even when you’re not home) 

Unexpected guests are guaranteed to knock on your door, but with smart doorbells you can see exactly who is at your door. Whether you’re binge watching your favorite show so you don’t want to get off the couch to see who’s at the door, or you’re at work 20 miles away from home - the smart doorbell allows you to check who is there and what they are doing. Your smart doorbell will give you a sense of security by sending a live feed of who is outside of your house straight to your phone.

5. Night vision camera

The technology of the smart doorbell is ever changing and evolving. These new cameras boast high quality videos, facial recognition, and night vision, allowing the cameras to capture footage even during the dead of night. Having night vision capabilities secures your home for more than just the day time.

6. Visual cue for burglars to avoid your house 

Finally, and probably the most important factor is that having a smart doorbell visible can intimidate a burglar from your property. Once they see that you have a camera on them, and already know they are there because of the notification, they will most likely go for a different house. They don’t want to get caught, so having the smart doorbell adds even more security to you and your family. 

Smart doorbells are now among the most frequently installed smart home devices, according to a 2017 HomeAdvisor survey of smart home pros. There are many benefits to having a smart doorbell that help insure security to your home. Keep your home even more safe by installing a smart doorbell.

We care about the safety of your home and your family at Twin City Security. We aim high to provide superior service by having highly trained security specialists for every industry, by adapting to all security concerns that may arise and by protecting the assets of our clients.

To learn more about how we can help protect your home from break-ins contact us today through our website form or at (334) 749-8385.


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